Change your energy, change your life!

Change your energy, change your life!

The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) is a powerful technique that can help you get unstuck, create more positive energy and feel happier.


What is the
Energy Alignment Method?

The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) is a transformational self help technique specifically for those looking for a practical way to change your life. EAM allows you to easily tune into your own energy and get clarity on the underlying issue. Which means you discover what is really holding you back. Using EAM you can let go of stress, overwhelm, physical or emotional pain, memories and traumatic experiences. 

EAM is also now an internationally recognised complementary therapy. EAM is a simple transformative 5 step self-help technique designed to shift energy, thoughts and emotions so you can change your life experience. 

However, EAM is more than just another mindset tool – with it, there’s no need to regurgitate the past or dig up memories. And it’s more than a manifesting tool – it’s a way of life.



EAM enables you to feel incredible. You’re empowered to change your life. Discover how to be happy, feel calm in any situation. You find yourself more, confident, with a greater sense of self worth and self belief . As you get more in flow you are able to move forward and manifest the life you want.


It’s a bridge between science and spirituality. Founded on more than 20+ years of working with energy medicine, Law of Attraction and Traditional Chinese Medicine, EAM is a blend of kinesiology, neuro-scientific research,
Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Positive Psychology and Eastern practices.

You hold the answer to it and everything you’re searching for already.

For millennia, we’ve tried to define it, to discover the source and meaning of life itself.

We’ve asked ourselves, ‘

Why am I here?’,

‘What is the purpose of life?’,

‘How does it work?’

We’ve created stories, philosophies, rituals and religions to describe it.

We’ve shared our understanding of it over campfires, in books, on podiums and street corners.

We’ve started and ended wars, invaded and recaptured lands, created and lost many civilizations because of it.

It has been used to control, manipulate and instil fear. It has been used to spread love, peace, harmony and create freedom.

Whichever community, country, ethnicity or religion we come from, we have our perspective of it too, and this has been passed through the generations.

What if the answer to it has been there all along?

What if we’d simply let go of what we think we know to see what it really is.

The ‘it’ we’re describing is the invisible subtle force holding the web of life together.

The overarching, all-seeing, all-knowing energy that drives and creates everything.

The ‘unknown’, mystical, inexplicable element of our existence. We may call it Qi, God, Source, energy, vibration, light, lightforce, prana, nature, love, the field, magnetism, force, universal presence, potential energy, or any number of other labels. Choose whichever works for you, as all of them describe this.

Nikola Tesla said, ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’

If this is true, what if the answer to understanding yourself, letting go of your past, freeing yourself from sabotage and attracting the life you deserve lived there, too?

Now modern sciences such as quantum physics are proving the subtle understandings of life known by many ancient cultures.

When we understand that everything is energy, meaning you are energy, as is everything inside and outside of you, we can enter a field of unseen resources already available for you to change your life right now.

How does it work?

Some days it can feel like you are carrying the weight of the world. EAM can help you to release fear, blame, overwhelm, stress and repetitive thoughts or beliefs.

Once you release what held you back, you then choose to create and embody a new feeling, thought, belief, pattern or emotion.  As you start to tune in and master your own energy with EAM, you’ll feel more empowered, able to change what you think and how you feel.

As the effects ripple out you’ll create more harmony in your relationships, and experience more love, happiness, joy and freedom in your everyday life.

5 simple steps

The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) is a powerful technique which can empower you to create more positive energy, and transform what you think and feel so you can change your life and be free. We use a method known as ‘The Sway’ to tap into our conscious and unconscious energy to find the real source of what holds us back.


Ask ourselves simple yet powerful questions to identify the real resistance.


Your body and energy will respond.


We assess how you are experiencing that resistance right now.


Following a powerful formula we change the resistant energy, thought or belief.


Your energy is now ready to create or manifest anything you choose. A new situation, scenario, belief, emotions or way of being.

What people say

I love EAM. A clear systematic programme for clearing all things that block me from achieving my vision. And living the life I came her to live!
Hugh Malony

I feel I’ve acquired a truly amazing life skill which will bring clarity and freedom to my life and will also benefit other members of my family & friends.
Tracey Harris

What people say

I had such a shift from something I had not realised how much it had impacted on my life, my relationships, my sense of being- I feel so much lighter. It was an awesome feeling when it shifted I am now going to move forward with my life and work on those areas.
Ann Baines

In the short 2/3 weeks since I found EAM, it has done more for me helping me to let go and move forward than the 28 years of conventional talking therapy! Thank you Yvette for my new ‘toolbox’ of EAM. Thank you Martin for your time and patience.
Claire Gibbs

How can I learn more?

Whether you are new to EAM or looking for the next steps on your EAM journey, find out more information using the links below.

Now you’ve given it a go for yourself – are you ready to spend two days together to change the direction of your life?

We’ve created a whole host of ways for you to get started using EAM to shift your energy, thoughts and emotions.

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