Bruce Lipton, PhD is an internationally recognised leader in bridging science

and spirit. He is a stem cell biologist, the bestselling author of, The Biology of

Belief and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award. Doctor Lipton’s unusual

scientific approach transformed his personal life too. With such a deep

background into understanding cell biology, his work highlighted the simple

yet powerful systems as to how our mind controls bodily functions, and how

it showed the implied existence of an immortal spirit (aka energy). He began

to apply this science to his personal life and physical health and he discovered

that his health and mental well-being improved on every level of his daily

experience. His work explored the effect of signals coming into our body from

the outside world. This includes the effects of our own perception and

observation of our life. The studies were able to show the impact that our

thoughts, feelings, and emotions have on our body, particularly in the way the

cells react and behave in different chemical or energetic environments. Doctor

Lipton’s work is ground-breaking. He has taught me so much about

understanding this mind-body connection over the last decade or so.

Doctor Lipton studied the influence of the energy on cells. As a cellular

biologist, he spent many years exploring the cells in our bodies and testing

the influences and impact of them. When testing cells in a petri dish, he would

add cell food to the dish and the cells would be attracted to it — they would

move towards the food and nourishment, which is growth. He also tested the

influence of poison, which showed that the cells moved away from the poison

in the dish, which is protection. At the level of cells, which we are made up of,

there are three behaviours, cells can move towards, away from, or stay

stationary depending on signals presented in the environment. Our cells are

also influenced by our energy, thoughts, emotions. They behave in the same

way in our bodies depending on the positive or negative signal being sent.

These signals are based on what is perceived in our environment. A cell can

either be in growth or protection. It cannot be in both at the same time. You’ll

see that this directional movement reflects the same as the FLOWs of energy

we spoke of earlier. We will talk more about this in Chapter 2.

We grow new cells every day. If we are living in a stressful environment, are

constantly in fear, or are creating resistant thoughts and negative emotions,

we aren’t allowing our physical body to heal and repair itself. This is where

sickness, illness, and disease come in. The energy and direction of life is



GROWTH, which is essential for every cell in our body and everything about

us is designed for this purpose. On a biological level, our cells use a source of

energy in the body known as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), a protein. We

need ATP for our growth, for rebuilding cells and tissues, and for protection

against bacteria, disease, and the effects from stress or fear for instance. When

our body is in a state of growth it has a new abundant surplus of ATP and

therefore energy is being created all the time through normal bodily functions.

When our energy is in protection, these natural cycles and processes that

create ATP are shut down or reduced. This means that if the body is in

protection or RESISTANCE over a prolonged period of time, it depletes our

body’s physiological energy reserves and affects the growth processes in the

body. So the rate at which new cells are being created in our body begins to

slow down, or stops, which means our body is unable to repair itself. This is

how dis-ease begins. Research into the field of Epigenetics also shows that

our perception of our life and environment, is the trigger for certain DNA

within the body to be expressed. It has been shown that energy healing is

more effective at repairing the physical body; whilst it works in the same way

as molecules, the shifts are often quicker and it works at a deeper level

because it is rebalancing the energy.