The Energy Alignment Method™ is the world’s fastest personal transformation and law of attraction method.


The big vision for EAM and our soul intention is to play our part in shifting the vibration, playing our part in changing the planet.

The intention is for EAM to be used, known, recognised and freely available for people to use in order to take back control of themselves, their lives and step back into their power. 

Now more than ever our world needs us to step up and reclaim this knowledge. 

The Energy Alignment Method was created by Yvette Taylor

Yvette Taylor is the creator of EAM – The Energy Alignment Method, which is an internationally recognised complementary therapy and author of The Ultimate Self help book. She has spent over 20 years using and teaching eastern principles, spiritual practices and self-development in the UK and internationally.

She is a multi-award winning transformational spiritual and business coach, international best-selling author, inspirational speaker, therapist, mentor and change maker.

Yvette is currently leading an ever growing team of nearly 100+ EAM mentors who are taking this work into the world.

She was voted the Top 10 Holistic Therapists In The UK – Holistic Therapy Magazine, Winner of the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award, as well as multiple awards for “UK’s Best Coaching And Mentoring Business”, “Shining Online” and for making an impact and being an inspiration to women in the UK.

Yvette has been featured on and Co hosted America Out Loud Talk Radio Show, been in Yoga Magazine, High Spirit Magazine, spoken on stage with people such as Dr Andrea Pennington, Ali Brown and Dr Joanna Martin. She has been interviewed alongside well-known names like Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton and Andy Dooley and Michael Beckwith.

She is an entrepreneur and change-maker by heart, and a huge advocate for change and shifting the world to a new paradigm.

Through her work she has already impacted the lives of over 50,000+ people and growing worldwide.

Why EAM is so effective

The Energy Alignment Method is the only Energy Psychology process designed to get you living the Law Of Attraction. EAM has a deep basis in eastern spiritual principles, universal laws, therapeutic methods and energy work as well as in modern research into quantum physics, neuroscience and neurocardiology.

There are a wealth benefits to the state of coherenace or being in flow. Some of these are based on outcomes from a variety of scientific studies into the effect of flow and many are around real world experience of sharing EAM with thousands of people.

Here are just a few of the many things being in the state of flow can do for you



  • Creates a neural sync between heart and brain
  • Changes neural set points
  • Changes brain wave patterns
  • Repetition of step 5 of eam creates new associations in the brain
  • Reduces adrenal & cortisol levels in the bod
  • Resolves stress phase
  • Promotes physical healing
  • Releases tension in the body
  • Relieves physical pain
  • Reduces symptoms of illness
  • Makes cellular changes


  • You maintain positive emotions for longer
  • Naturally creates more positive emotions easily
  • You have better mental & emotional stability
  • Increases your bounce backability
  • Makes you more adaptive to changes in your life
  • You actively seek more new experiences
  • Creates long term cognitive shifts
  • No re-living stressful past situations
  • Better able to deal with traumatic events
  • Change our own emotional set points


  • Attracts more energy of a similar nature to you
  • Creating new patterns in all levels of your energy
  • Rebalances every level of your aura
  • Creates a waking prayer state
  • Works with the natural flow of energy
  • Works with quantum physics & universal laws
  • Clears resistance in your aura & energy
  • Changes the information contained in your aura
  • Aligns your head, heart & hara energy
  • Works on multiple levels & times all at once
  • Keeps you in alignment and more in flow
  • Makes manifesting things easy

Meet the EAM Mentors – Law Of Attraction Life Coaches

Want To Change Your Life?

If you’re looking for a life changing experience or want to know how to be happy then look no further.

Meet our amazing team of Law of Attraction Life Coaches. These aren’t just any old practitioners either.

They are one of only a handful of people in the world certified to work with EAM – The Energy Alignment Method.

Read some of our client success stories

I love EAM. A clear systematic programme for clearing all things that block me from achieving my vision. And living the life I came her to live!
Hugh Malony

I had such a shift from something I had not realised how much it had impacted on my life, my relationships, my sense of being- I feel so much lighter. It was an awesome feeling when it shifted I am now going to move forward with my life and work on those areas.
Ann Baines

With EAM I have now had the powerful realisation that I can change my life.
Ben Curran

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How can I learn more?

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Want To Change Your Life?

Meet the EAM Mentors - Law Of Attraction Life Coaches.

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