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What people say

I love EAM. A clear systematic programme for clearing all things that block me from achieving my vision. And living the life I came her to live!

Hugh Malony

I had such a shift from something I had not realised how much it had impacted on my life, my relationships, my sense of being- I feel so much lighter. It was an awesome feeling when it shifted I am now going to move forward with my life and work on those areas.

Ann Baines

With EAM I have now had the powerful realisation that I can change my life.

Ben Curran

I feel I’ve acquired a truly amazing life skill which will bring clarity and freedom to my life and will also benefit other members of my family & friends.

Tracey Harris

In the short 2/3 weeks since I found EAM, it has done more for me helping me to let go and move forward than the 28 years of conventional talking therapy! Thank you Yvette for my nw ‘toolbox’ of EAM. Thank you Martin for your time and patience.

Claire Gibbs

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