UPDATE : 12th December 2018 

We have been notified that this issue is still ongoing for some who have been unable to leave the group conversation.
Some people are receiving Facetime group call messages.

Actions To Take 

– For those still involved please follow this link to follow the steps to remove / mute and or leave the conversation.  You may also be able to block the numbers which are still connected to the chat.  

– It may be worth trying accessing Facetime, clicking edit in the top left hand corner and trying to delete or block the numbers which are calling you

– Please do not make any calls, Facetime, reply or message on the thread as this is perpetuating the situation for everyone involved. 

According to this information on this link the error is a communication between IOS devices and Android devices. 
Everyone was immediately removed from the original chat message, which was sent in error on Monday 10th December. So there are no longer any group administration access to remove or resolve it from this side. Unfortunately it can now only be deleted, muted or blocked on each individual device, we are unable to take any further action to remove, delete or prevent the calls from this side as the original group and all contacts have no been deleted from the offending system.   

We have sent this out again to everyone we know was involved, so if everyone follows these instructions it should subside. 

Please follow these links for a further understanding.

FOR IOS DEVICES : Please click here to follow this link to see if you are able to resolve this by following the steps outlined on this post.

FOR ANDROID DEVICES & A Little Further Information on IOS: Please click here to follow this link to see if you are able to resolve this 

Once again heartfelt apologies, if there was any further remedial action we could take from this side to resolve it please know we would have done so.  

If there is anything else you need please let us know.

DATE : 10th December 2018


If you were involved in the text messaging issue we had this afternoon (10th December), I would like to send you a huge heartfelt apology. We take your trust in us as a business very seriously. Trust is one of my personally highest values and I understand people’s reaction when they feel it has been broken. It is the last thing we would ever want to do.  This was not the intention and we would never share your personal details with others, 


The breach occurred via a combination of system and human error, when trying to contact you about the launch of the book. Instead of sending an individual text it sent a group message.   This only affected a small number of people in our community and I believe you may be one of them. 

If this did affect you please know it was only your phone number that was shared. No other identifying information such as your name, email, address or other information we hold on file was shared with anyone.   

Please be aware that we adopted the GDPR policies and guidelines for EAM Freedom Limited back in May 2018. If you would like to see our privacy policy and statement you can do so here on the website. Here is the link  


To correct the error, we removed each number listed on the group chat as soon as we became awareat around 1:30pm and unfortunately this only rectified the issue for our number.  After which we were no longer able to communicate within the group conversation, remove people or amend anything else. Two of our internal team members were also affected and therefore were able to communicate further on the group chat. 

They did inform group members to stop posting on the thread and how to remove themselves from the chat. In case you missed this message please see further information below. 


We are SO sorry that you received the message. It was a system error which sent a group text instead of an individual text to you. 

The original group chat has been deleted, so not sure why or how you are still getting messages. Please try and remove yourself from the group. If everyone stops replying the messages will stop. 

If was never and never would be out intention to share your personal information. Can only guess it may be the last effects of mercury retrograde in effect. We are mortified that this happened and sincerely apology.

If you have any further queries please do NOT reply on this thread, send it through to hello@energyalignmentmethod.com and we can resolve it for you there <3 x

In order to stop receiving messages please refrain from sending any replies to the thread immediately.  


For Android users, since there isn’t really an iMessage equivalent, you’ll need to delete the group message. Unfortunately, this won’t technically remove you from the conversation and messages will still come through (more a temporary relief).

If there is anyone messaging you then you may need to just block that particular person. However, you should have multiple options for muting the conversation.


First step is to open the Messages app in iOS and select the Group message you’d like to leave.

Select Info button

You’ll want to tap right under the status bar on the images or initials of those in the Group chat. This will open a new drop-down menu, and you’ll select the ‘info’ button



 We have deleted the group chat.

  • The contact details have now been deleted from the system which sent the texts in error.
  • We are sending this email to you and other people we believe may have been involved.
  • We will also be notifying the ICO of the data breach and they will return a copy of the information to us to hold on their file.  

In the unlikely event of any further consequences of the personal data breach, please do contact us here gdprofficer@energyalignmentmethod.com   


As I shared at the beginning of the message TRUST is one of my highest values. Which is why we as a team and company put so much energy and effort into delivering a huge amount of value to our community for free.

We like to do business differently to most and we truly are on a mission to make a massive difference in the world too.  

This kind of thing happening at anytime is my own personal worst nightmare, let alone on the day we’re celebrating the launch of the book . Which is about the complete opposite of everything that has happened to you today.  

For which I am truly sorry, it was never ever our intention.  

By way of an apology you should have received a copy of the book to download on your email. If you have not received it and would like one please email hello@energyalignmentmethod.com. 

Myself and the whole team have spent the afternoon trying to resolve the situation and EAMing the emotions behind this for everyone involved. 

Iam strangely grateful for this experience. As always these things create an opportunity to reflect on how we react or respond to situations like these. I am personally grateful that I have EAM to work through it. 

If it has brought anything up, then I do invite you to explore what it is and maybe use this is as a chance to work through. As always though that choice is yours. To all of those who have sent their messages of understanding, thank you to you too.

Once again, my HUGE heartfelt apology hope that we can collectively find our way past this, recognise it was simply an error and once again rebuild that trust.    

Many Thanks & Much Love 

Yvette xxx