The Ultimate
Self-Help Live

3 Days To Change Your Life

18th – 20th JANUARY 2019 – LONDON HEATHROW

Join me for the first ever event about
The Energy Alignment Method designed to work
on every aspect of your life… in just three days.

You’ll leave this event having experienced huge shifts in energy, how you think and what you feel. You’ll discover how to change your relationships, for you and your family, create better health and allow more money into your life. And you’ll discover the very reason you were put on this earth – your purpose. All of this is possible, by learning to shift your energy. 

It sounds like a grand claim, I know.
Having seen it happen at our lives events before I know also know that it is true .. 

EAM has helped 1000s of people around the world to live better, more fulfilling and happier lives through our research studies, books, presentations, online training and live events.

Yet, it’s on our transformational Energy Evolution 10-month programme where the MOST profound changes and shifts happen.

I’ll be completely honest, some of the shifts I’ve seen for others have blown my mind! It always AMAZES me how quickly things change.

Now this event is your chance to tap into the same experience in three days by working with me and our team to change every part of your life.

What is the Energy Alignment Method?

Maybe, you’re new here and this is the 1st time you’ve really discovered EAM. Well, The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) ® is a transformational 5-step, self-help technique, specifically designed to empower you to change your life, by shifting energy, changing your thoughts and transforming your emotions.

A key part of our mission with EAM is to help bridge the gap between science and spirit. The basis of EAM is founded in energy medicine, neuroscience research, energy healing, the Law of Attraction and Traditional Chinese medicine.

In playing our part over the last three years, we’ve now conducted three major research studies, into the effectiveness of EAM, with more than 15,000 people have taken part.

This technique combines principles from Kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and positive psychology. EAM is one of the fastest growing self-help techniques in the world right now, and we’ve been lucky enough to have won awards for our work, too. 

I share this not to impress you, but to show you we are serious about what we do.

A message from me the creator, Yvette Taylor

This is the bit where I am meant to tell you how amazing and awesome I am, give you a long list of credentials and tell you about all my thousands of clients but you see this isn’t about me. It is about you.

You see I am on a bit of a personal mission to enable more people to create bigger shifts and changes in their energy, thoughts and emotions.  To empower people to change their life, regardless of anything that has happened in their past, I know that change is possible for everyone.

I believe that everything in your life and in the world that we see around us is energy in one of three states. In FLOW. In RESISTANCE. Or in REVERSAL. 

When you learn how to adapt these energy states, which you can with EAM that is when magic happens. 

Everything in nature is in flow. Which means by default we are too.

We take ourselves OUT of our natural flow state by giving our attention to all the things we do not want. We ignore the powerful messages which our body is sending us all the time, these are our emotions.

When you learn to pay attention to how we feel more than what we think, you’ll be able to change the outcomes in your life.

In the same way, we take ourselves out of flow we can choose to put ourselves BACK in the flow state and change our experience of life by shifting our energy, thoughts and emotions too.

THIS is how we all have the power to change our lives.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of EAM for me is watching people take charge of themselves and their lives. They learn how to shift their energy and change what they think and how they feel about themselves, others and the things which have happened in their lives. What blows me away every time is watching these shifts unfold in minutes before my eyes at our live events.

Seeing the freedom, the peace and sense of empowerment people feel inside when they use EAM is what inspires me to keep on sharing.

When I discovered the power of EAM, I never believed it would make such a difference, yet here we are nearly four years on and thousands of lives have been transformed. I still have to pinch myself this is even happening.

You see I am not your ‘typical’ personal development coach. I’m pretty up front about things and often have to just say it how it is.

I know how long I spent looking for someone who would just give me a straight answer. I wanted real world, practical ways to change my life.. and that is what I hope to be able to give to you.

Before, I never imagined this would be my path in life, yet I now know that sharing EAM is what I am here for.

Through our training and my book – The Ultimate Self-Help Book – together we’re on a mission to make a massive difference in world.

To bring love, laughter, fun and truth to changing your life. You see there is an order in which to change your life. MOST people are trying to do it the wrong way.

To truly change your life with EAM, we take people on a journey to discover how to apply EAM in the right way to every one of the 10 key areas of your life.

Every year, our team and I work with a select group of people over 10 months to transform each of the 10 key areas of their life. Using EAM they know how to shift energy and completely transform anything which is stuck, so they can change their life and become who they truly want to be.

All of this has  been developed over years of using and applying EAM and usually I only share this exclusively with the people who have been on this programme.

That is, UNTIL NOW.

At last, the life changing event you’ve been asking for

For the first time ever, I’m opening up our transformational journey for you to experience.

Join us on the 3 Days and I’ll show you how you can quickly and easily shift your energy and experience greater change in your life than you EVER thought possible.

To be honest, we never know WHAT will happen at the live events because each one is so different, yet transformational in it’s own way.

Maybe you’ve already learnt a little about EAM through our online trainings or having met one of our amazing EAM mentors. Yet the missing piece is always the one-to-one interaction, support and accountability that makes the change “stick”.


That’s why I’m launching 3 Days To Change Your Life, for you.

Everyone wants the changes they know are possible from joining the 10 month Energy Evolution programme.

Yet ironically, it is the very thoughts, beliefs, patterns and emotions which stand in the way of them changing their life which stop them from saying YES to joining the journey.

Whether that is self doubt, lack of confidence, belief they don’t have the time, the money or they’re worried they will say YES but it may not work for them. … I have seen and heard them all..

The Good News Is This Event Changes It All For You.

Here’s What 3 Days To Change Your Life Gives You

Among so many things we’ll explore at 3 Days To Change Your Life you will discover how you can :

  • Let go of self-doubt and allow your inner confidence to come back
  • Develop a “millionaire” mindset so you can attract more abundance in every area of your life
  • Gain clarity on the next steps in your future and know exactly what you need to do next
  • Be more focused and feel so energised by life that you are inspired and motivated to keep making the changes
  • Put yourself first and learn to truly love yourself again
  • Stop wasting energy, finding obstacles and let go of the “victim” mentality, so you can take full responsibility for changing your life
  • Stay in flow, shift your energy and raise your vibration so you can live your life to the full
  • Create your vision, know your purpose and see your path in life
  • Let go of those hidden self-sabotaging patterns which keep you stuck
  • Stop falling back into the same patterns of negative thinking and behaviour, so you are free from self sabotage
  • Develop your perception and intuition and learn to trust your own instincts
  • Stop letting patterns of procrastination hold you back so you can get on with creating the life you TRULY want to live
  • Find love, or discover a new soul mate to share your life
  • Change the dynamics and your relationship with those who drain you, so you have more energy to change your life.
  • Feel better about yourself, so you truly glow from inside

And You’ll Know How To Keep Creating These
Changes Way Beyond The Event Too.

3 Days To Change Your Life is the bridge from where you are now to where you want to be

Now EAM is global, our wonderful team is out there hosting more events and spreading the message. For this event, I’m back on the stage in the UK to lead you personally through each of the 10 key areas of your life in a way that previously only Energy Evolution members have experienced. Now, you can too.

So THIS is your chance to REALLY work with me and the team.
Come and join us and let’s do it together.

You’ll love every minute of it. (I pinky promise!)

Huge Love, Yvette xxx

Changing the 10 key areas of your life

These key areas are part of the foundational philosophy of EAM and The Energy Evolution Journey. Over the three days here is some of what we’ll explore:

Element 1

Universal Laws and Energy

The foundation of our journey introducing the concepts and philosophies such as the Universal Laws and scientific research into the electro-magnetic energy. So your energy is more in flow and you no longer push against yourself.

Element 2

Thoughts, Beliefs and Mindset

Explore your personal thinking, understand the impact of beliefs on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Together we let go of past memories, core beliefs, self-sabotage, patterns and self imposed limitations. To create a way of thinking so you can create a life you love.

Element 3

Emotional Health

Here we investigate your emotions and how they impact your everyday life. You get to know the Emotional Scale, let go of addictive emotions, patterns and resistant energies which create habitual ways of feeling. Together we raise your emotional set point, so that you are more consistently in a great feeling place.

Element 4

Physical Health

We turn our attention to your physical health and look at how disease is created through the bio-psycho-emotional connections. We create change by releasing resistant energy, creating healthier habits and bringing more flow into our bodies.

Element 5

Physical Environment

We move from personal reflection to look at our outer world, creating a physical environment that keeps you in flow. We look at how to create flow in your home, to clear stuck energy in your house or office, so you are always in a supportive space which helps you expand.

Element 6


How to create alignment and flow in all your relationships. We discuss the energy dynamics and communication between ourselves and others, so that we can really express unconditional love. You will transform the energy of relationships past, present and future and see how to manifest the relationships you want.

Element 7

Lifestyle, Fun and Recreation

How to have more fun in life by releasing resistance and connecting to our childlike nature. We get out and actively start seeking new experiences you want, so you can have a more fulfilling and adventurous life. (Essentially it means we get to be kids!)

Element 8

Abundance, Money and Wealth

Become aligned with the energy of abundance, money and wealth and appreciation. We look at shifting your existing energy limiting beliefs, behaviours, attitudes and stories. As well as practical steps to clearing debt and manifesting real wealth in your life.

Element 9

Your Purpose, Passion & People

Discover how to find and live your purpose. We explore your passions & skills so you can see your unique work and what you offer. Discover your life message, your soulful story and the difference you want to make in the world, so you create a work life with more meaning.

Element 10

Making an Impact

The final element is about sharing your message, making an impact at work or in your own business from your passion. Whether you want to work for yourself, someone else or be a part of a team. We look at the practical tools & business model to enable you to make money AND make a difference.

Exciting. Epic. Life-changing. Mindblowing!

There are just some of the words used to describe our last Energy Alignment Method (EAM) live event. Here’s a few more…

” I’m an NLP practitioner but I tried to use use what I know to deal with it. I tried all sorts to relax and do different things. I’m a trained life coach, for goodness sake, and I do nothing with it. Now I have found EAM. 

I had a real shift on something this morning and I hadn’t realised how much did it impact it my life – the way I dress, the way I acted, my reaction to personal relationships. Now It has shifted. It has gone.

If you are thinking of coming to this event just go for it, do it – what you’ve got to lose? It’s just brilliant, give it a go!”


“For me, my biggest (challenge) coming this weekend, was to release trauma. I have PTSD, I could never find a way of getting rid of it. Until I discovered EAM. 

Oh my God! I got so much from being here at this event. I feel like I’m this big! I can’t describe it; it’s a little bit overwhelming (in a good way) to be honest. 

EAM is just so different to everything else It has given me the tool to release, without actually going into it in detail, without having to relive everything that is really upsetting and traumatic.

If you are thinking of coming along just bl***y do it now! Don’t think about it! Just do it! And get on with it. It changes your life seriously forever.”


“Before the event I know I had  2 biggies to deal with – finding what I really  want and overcoming procrastination.

I had tried everything before You  name it – if it was coaching,  therapy, sharminism, Reiki, acupuncture, meditation, women’s circle, drumming, dancing, so many different things – and yet, it never gave the same result as EAM.

Having been at this event I am amazed.  I have really cleared what ever was standing in my way.  I’m feeling very centred and coming from a different place it is just beautiful.

For me, what makes EAM really different is that this method gives a really hands on tool to self-heal. It empowers each individual on their journey. It’s very, very powerful to feel it – so come and try it for yourself.” 


” When I came to this event my biggest challenge which affects me all of my life has been – speaking my truth and being seen. So, I spent all my life fading into the background, and not saying what I needed to say, and not doing what I needed to do.

This weekend, I have finally realised why I am so frightened of speaking my truth and being seen and I cleared it all yesterday. It’s just been magical, it’s just amazing. And I just feel different, I feel like I’ve really shifted some stuff.

If you are thinking of joining this event just do it. t’s a life-changing experience. You’ll learn things about yourself that you could even even have contemplated. If you tried everything else, this is thing that will finally shift it, and it’s really is magical.


“My biggest challenge to be totally honest – was the sway. I wasn’t sure, I was doing it right. And I think that was big factor leading to me coming here.

I have a background in psychology, so I know all too well how very long it can take, a lifetime people lying on a black studded leather sofa, while you regurgitate your life over and over again and don’t get off that sofa anytime soon.

What I have loved about this event is that in two short days, I am amazed at the depth of the releases and work that I’ve been able to do. 

What I love about EAM is the validation you receive from your own body, that tingling – some bodily sensation or another – that confirms that yes, the transformation is done!

“I work as a coach an author and facilitator.  Over the years that I have worked with and developed my own energy alignment techniques; I’ve practiced a lot of stuff; worked with a lot of ways to align ourselves, to clear resistance What I am really excited to share with you is just how effective this EAM process is. 

What’s amazing about this is that, it uses a mix of kinesiology with very effective method to release these energetic blocks. It gives us a reference point that enables us to search for the parts that we need to identify and work with using the intelligence of our bodies.  So we’re not making the stuff up!

Then the actual releasing technique that we use  to freeing up that resistance. And as a facilitator myself having done years of energy work I can feel the effect of how it’s working, what it’s doing.

Whatever we’ve been through in our lives, what ever level you are at this is a really effective method  accessible to anybody,  in any culture, anywhere in the world.  I can’t recommend it highly enough. “

Feel the energy, be part of the vibe…

Together in the right environment, we can transform your life.

You already know what you need to do. We’ve all heard it before but I’ll say it again.

The only thing that is ever stopping us from changing everything in our lives is us. Or, more accurately, the hidden baggage in our energy, that we can’t even see, our self-imposed constraints, our limiting beliefs and all the cr**  we drag along behind us.

(Sorry, mum, if you’re reading this but it just has to be said.)

The thing is we’ve spent SOOO long living with it, we believe that is just how our life is meant to be. We don’t know or even see another way.

Let me be truthful with you…
(Please know I mean this with love)

You’ve Held Onto That ‘Thing’ For Far Too Long

Maybe it is a story, a belief or a situation in your life. Ask yourself truthfully how has it served you holding onto it?
Imagine what WOULD your life be like if you let it go!

Listen, no one is ever, ever, ever going to come and change your life for you. No one. The only person who HAS the power to change your life is you.

I say ALL of that because I have been there. I spent SO long … like too long holding onto the cr**, the stories, the blame, the shame, the guilt and the anger… and GOD I was a bitch to live with, too.

I spent so long screwing up my life because of the way I thought. I spent so long going around in circles playing the same old stories, doing the same old thing and thinking (crazily) that somehow my life would change.

I spent SOOOO long looking for someone or something to come along and fix me… and I spent hundreds of thousands £’s searching for the answer too.

The thing was even though I had trained in, taught and was qualified in almost everything you could imagine, I still didn’t feel better.

Just because I knew it didn’t mean I was applying it. It wasn’t until I found that I HAD the power all along, to let go of those repetitive beliefs, resistant heavy emotions and shift my energy that things began to change.

That is when I found real freedom.

So please, hear me when I say this to you.

NOW IS THE TIME to let go of all the cr** that has been holding you back.

NOW IS THE TIME to live the life you always wanted.

NOW IS THE TIME actually LIVE the life of that person who is dying within you

NOW IS THE TIME when YOU need to set yourself free.


You have nothing to wait for.


It breaks my heart when I hear people say these things to themselves

“I need to do ….. (List a whole long list of “other priorities” ) before I can do … “

“I don’t have the time to … “

“I don’t have the money to …”

“My partner won’t let me ….. “

“I need to take care of (name other people in their life)”

Because ALL of them are the beliefs we hold which are making other things or other people MORE important than their happiness.

I mean, seriously. What is more important in your life than your happiness? I believe that there is NOTHING.

YOU owe it to yourself to be happy and to be the one most important thing in your life.

To be able to be able to give to others around you, the best thing you can do is to learn to put you first.

Yes, I know we have others we love and responsibilities. I know we have commitments and things to do. I get it, I really do. I am not saying you need to drop everything. I am just inviting you to put YOU first. 

But just imagine HOW much better you would be at home as a partner, parent, sister, brother, colleague, best friend or neighbour if YOU were actually in flow, happy and shining from the inside.

How would that affect the people around you? The people you love.

Now, it doesn’t annoy me personally when people say it. It breaks my heart to hear them say it because it is often JUST NOT TRUE…..

(Please know I again I am saying this with love)

They are JUST subconscious excuses we use. They are usually based in fear … and even though we don’t like what is happening in our life right now. It feels safe. We can cope. We know how to manage it even though it feels like an unhappy sh** storm.

These thoughts, habits and behaviours are the very resistance we need to work on (and you can let go of using EAM), which is standing in the way.  


Change Can Feel Scary, It Means Stepping Outside Of What You Know

Change means making different choices.

Doing different things.

Meeting different people.

Going different places.

Feeling different emotions.

Thinking different things.

ALL of them are necessary to change your life.

AND the only person who can do that is you.

NOW, the good news is this…

Because all of them are just resistant beliefs which are holding your back, EAM can help you let ALL of those thoughts, beliefs, patterns and emotions go. ALL of it.

Because these are the kind of things which may be standing in your way of you changing your life. That is exactly why I created this event for you. We will work together to let them go once and for all.  So you can move forward and change your life without them !

Trust me, you really can. Just take the first step, say yes to joining the event and give me the time to show you how.

This IS Like Nothing You’ve Seen Or Experienced Before…

Whether you are new to energy work or you’ve been to every self help workshop and event you can think of, you have not done this.

Even if you’ve been on our EAM training or attended one of our events before, at 3 Days To Change Your Life I’ll be sharing brand new content and training for the first time ever.

In December 2018, I finally published the book which I’ve been waiting to share for such a long time – The Ultimate Self-Help Book. In this book, I have shared almost 20 years of working with energy and thousands of people , so you can learn how to apply this method and use it in every part of your life to experience everlasting change.

The Ultimate Self-Help Book is THE manual
for EAM

And I’m putting it out there for everyone to see how to apply it in their own life or help others apply it in theirs.

At our 3 Day To Change Your Life Event I’ll be bringing more of this brand new content, new concepts and exciting lessons and exciting content from the book, into every session. The whole event is designed to give you the tools to get in flow, find your purpose and live a happier, more fulfilling and impactful life.

At this inaugural event, you will literally be one of the first people EVER to experience these new teachings for EAM, much of this I have only ever previously shared with our EAM mentors.

More than anything, I want this event to feel personal to YOU.

I’ve created this event for you…

This Event Is All About The Transformation At The Same Time As Giving You Practical, Actionable Content You Can Use Right Away

We’ve all been to those events, where it is just a massive pitch fest for three days. Or the speaker just shares how big their house is or how much money is in their bank account. Or you just sit and listen for three days with your head spinning with new information and no time to put it into action.

For some, that may sound awesome. Everyone loves something different.

You see for me, if I am spending my time, money and energy on going to a three day event I want to KNOW it is going to deliver. I want to KNOW that it IS going to actually change my life in some way.

That is exactly WHY I created this event for you. You see, we’ve listened to all the questions and feedback we’ve received from people who have experienced EAM. We’ve woven in the answers to all of the questions you want answers too.

We’ll be sharing them live at this event.

This is a space to gather with people like you. People who “get it”. This is a chance to be with those who are inspired to change their life.

I promise this is a safe space for you to come. There is nothing you could say, do or share which would shock any of us. There is no judgement, just support, trust and connection.

Your Own Mentor To Guide You For Three Days

If you think you’re going to be just sitting and listening, think again.
This is time to get HANDS-ON.

Which means we will be doing the work.

Over the three days, you’ll be working in small groups. You’ll be supported by one of our team of amazing EAM mentors. They are your guide for the three days. Their only role is to make sure that YOU shift and change.

This means you won’t be stuck guessing.  They can help you unstick your sway. They will help you to ask the right questions and explore what is in your way, so you can finally be free.

You’ve got someone on hand to guide you. You’ve got one of us there to make sure YOU get the shifts you want AND need.

Of course, we also recognise that even joining a live event can be a big step for some people and you may not always want to stand up and share. Please let me say, that’s absolutely fine.

We are there to give you personalised support but only when YOU are ready.

Here Is What You’ll Do At The Event:

What’s covered at 3 days To Change Your Life

Day 1

Mastering Your Energy & EAM

The first day is dedicated to getting the fundamentals down so they become part of your everyday life. We kick off the day with your Energy Assessment to see where you are and we do this again on the last day to compare and show how far you’ve come in just three days!

Then we explore and answer all your questions around using the Energy Alignment Method, including:

  • How to increase your energy flow, recalibrate your energy and strengthen your aura, so you can direct more energy
  • What questions to ask the sway to get clarity and how to know whether to trust it or not, when it does not seem to be working
  • How to create the right the best possible manifestations 
  • How to be more confident in using the 5 Steps of EAM
  • How to uncover the hidden resistances which are holding you back so you can change your life 
  • Ways to change your energy, thoughts and emotions on every subject. 
  • How to work on getting rid of specific fears, such as spiders or heights, using EAM
  • Where to get started, if you’re overwhelmed and unsure what to do first
  • How to implement EAM on a daily basis and make it part of your life

Day 2

Changing Your Life

Our second day together focuses on your changing the key elements of your life, your home, your relationships and lifestyle.

  • You’ll discover how to create a better relationship with yourself, so you and truly love who you are
  • How to change the unhealthy dynamics with other people in your life and let them go with love. 
  • How you can change experiences in your life from the past, the present and your future 
  • Change current romantic partnerships and help to find a new one
  • Ways to move on from pain from the past, things other people have said and done
  • We’ll explore some simple ways to change your physical environment and I’ll show you how to use EAM to energy clear rooms
  • And how you can allow your inner child back out so you can get on with changing your life and allowing yourself to be free   

This is all about finding ways for you to keep that EAM buzz going way beyond our time together. We’ll connect to your future vision and get you in flow and empower you so you can have more fun, enjoy more freedom and experience the lifestyle you really want.

Day 3

Creating More Money, Wealth & Abundance & Making An Impact

To make an impact in the world it is first important to be secure in your own work and finances. Which means creating a sense of trust and certainty. This day is all dedicated to creating a wealth mindset so that are abundant in time, money, wealth, happiness and freedom.

Together we’ll explore

  • Transforming the self sabotaging beliefs, patterns and habits which prevent more money flowing to you
  • Discover the Key life, money and attraction principles which you need to align to greater wealth
  • Practical ways to create more money without “working more hours”  
  • How to change the story you tell yourself and others around money
  • How to discover your passion and purpose in life
  • How you can make money and make a difference in the world

Creating true wealth is about much more than money. The money flows when you are serving others and living your true purpose and passion.

This is the place to share those big scary dreams. To have them heard and to breath life into the possibility for your future. Bring your questions, concerns and grand plans to these sessions and together we will find your purpose and set you on the path to living your best life.

What Other People Have To Say

“Working with a mentor at the event I got my sway unlocked and for me this represents a way forward. I will use EAM to release all the crap I’ve been holding onto that has stopped me from reaching my potential. And there is clearly a lot of cr**! I’m so happy I came to this event.”

Mylo Riley

“I have shifted some of the fear I felt about my future and now feel I have way forward.”

Sara Macdonald

“Over these few days I released energy that I knew was stuck, but no matter what I tried I had no idea how to clear”

Rebecca Howell

“What I discovered is that changing my life for the better is my birthright – its entirely possible. You just have to trust the process, do the work and let it in and love me!”

Vicky Hamilton

“The arrows from around my heart dissolved and I can feel and see my inner light in my heart. It’s shining brightly. It’s the brightest light I have ever seen. I also grew wings of light. Everyone has this light and by telling this experience I am fulfilling a promise I made 14 years ago. I have a heart condition and I have felt my heart was broken. Now it’s ok to shine! I have lived my life with a lot of fear. This is so beautiful!”

Sandra Page

“I have soooo much work to do. Which I knew but now…omg! I have a framework and a method to use to make it happen woop woop! #gratefulheart <3”

Ellen Gayle

“This weekend I have discovered how changing life can be so easy and now I know how… ”

Pete Tomb

“It has caused a shift in my direction – I thought I had my future mapped out and now I’m convinced EAM must be a part of it!”


“I will start to create a space for me to EAM everyday to support me on my life journey. As I have so much to give myself and the world. So, I am ready to show up!”

Yvonne Omini

“Wow after just a few days together at this event I am feeling more connected and inspired for the future. Thank you Yvette and all your mentoring family.”

Chene Bennett

“Thank you so much I am clearer of my vision. I feel more connected to it and I’m excited about walking towards it”


“I have learn so many different ways of approaching deep seated issues, beliefs; yet I am so blown away by the simplicity, but almost instant changes. THIS IS AMAZING.”


“Wow, what can I say, I’ve loved every second of this weekend. I knew I would as I’ve used the sway prior to finding out about EAM and it allowed me to recover from 5 years of fatigue and energy issues. I wasn’t sure I would feel able to attend as the day before I found out my bestfriend of 17 years had died. I was a literal mess. I worried on a difficult issue of another friend which for the first time in months I haven’t constantly thought about this friend and not only that, the grief, emotions I felt for the friend that recently passed away left me. I feel the feelings I now have are of love and not a crying mess. PS. I have felt so many goosebumps. So many pains over the weekend. And the need of being at Love. Love love EAM”

Nicola Waudby

“To have an open mind, as what you think you are warned about/ thinking about/ want to clear…may not be what you think. One question will most likely bring up more, but it’s all good. And it’s so simple and easy. It’s been an amazing weekend, really life changing. Yvette and the team are absolutely awesome. All questions were answered. The support was tremendous. EAM can do so much good help so many people in the world.”

Kaushilea Mismy

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Free Gift #1

Pre & Post Event Training & Live Q&A workshops

When you buy your ticket today, you’ll be invited to join me for our exclusive pre and post-event calls. When you join the event I want to make sure we do all we can to keep our promise to change your life in 3 days.

Which is why ahead of the event you’ll have some preparation training videos to watch. You’ll also be joining me for two online Q & A Calls which are designed to prepare you so that when we arrive at the event we can skip the “basics” and make every moment count. Sometimes it’s working out some of the kinks and quirks of EAM, like getting your sway right or knowing how to make it work for you. We can help with that before so you’re in exactly the right place when we’re working on the BIG stuff at the event.

Two calls after the event are designed to reinforce and empower you to apply everything you were shown across the three days. After being in the bubble of the event in the days and weeks following the event you will have questions or challenges as you get back into the real world. So these calls are designed to keep you moving forwards, give you practical answers to implementing in the real world and leave you feeling energised with the full support of our team around you.

Free Gift #2

1-2-1  Next Steps Clarity Call

Claim your seat at the event today and you receive a one-to-one Clarity Call. This is your chance to explore how you want to apply the principles of EAM in your life and get personalised support and suggestions from one of our EAM mentors.

By the way, if you’re thinking this sounds like a little chit chat, don’t be fooled. This is a chance to speak directly to YOU. I know just how hard it can be to keep it going when you leave the comfort of a room filled with supportive friends who genuinely care about you.

We’re here to support YOU on your journey and give you what you need. That journey begins with powerful Clarity Call, so you know exactly the path to follow.

Love it or your money back guarantee…

I am a woman of my word and honestly I never want to be working with anyone who doesn’t love what we’re doing. We’re confident you’re going to have the time of your life and you will be delighted when you step out of the room on Day 3 aligned, energised and so in flow that you’re ready to take on the world. I only know that because I’ve seen what happens at these events. Yet, until you’re with us in the room, I know there may be a little doubt in your your mind if this is right for you.

Which is why I’ve got your back.

It is why we offer a love it or your money back guarantee so if this is not your thing. Simply come to 3 Days To Change Your Life and if by lunchtime on the first day you’re not delighted with everything we’ve done together, tell a member of our super friendly team and they will refund you 100% of your money and say goodbye with a hug (if you want one) and a smile.

(We would say no questions asked, although it wouldn’t be true. We’re always keen to know why it wasn’t right for you… so let’s just say there’s no pressure, just let us know.)

Where is the live event?

The event is being held at Heathrow, close to major roads and public transport links.  So it is easy to arrive by car, bus, train or aeroplane.

Venue Details 

Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel
Bath Rd,

Parking at the venue. 

Attendees of the events will usually be given a discounted rate for parking at the venue each day.


Your accommodation is not included in the price of the event, you can stay at the venue or but there are plenty of hotels nearby


How do I know this event is right for me?

It’s simple:

  • If you want to change your life and be happier, this event is for you.
  • If you know you’re already committed to making the changes you need to make in your life, this event is for you.
  • If you’ve experienced great shifts with EAM already and want to take your transformation to the next stage in every area of your life with the personal help from myself and my wonderful team, this event is for you.
  • If you know you want to change and feel deep inside you can give so much more, this event is for you.
  • If you’ve gone through some tough times – either emotionally, financially or with your health – and you’re ready for happier times, this event is for you.
  • If life has knocked you down and you’re getting back on your feet and know now is the time to spread your wings and soar, this event is for you.
  • If you know you want your life to be better and you just need to be shown the path, this event is for you.

So the biggest question now is what are you waiting for?

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As the date of the event gets closer, we’ll keep sending you updates… and it’s going to be pretty exciting.

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Take aligned action, act now, change forever. Save your place and let’s get started.

Because this is our first running of the 3 Day event, I want to be sure everyone in the room is the right fit so we can experience the shifts and transformations I know are waiting for you.

Our room only holds a limited number of spaces, so if you know this will make a difference to your life, please stay on this page until you have taken action. That may mean claiming your ticket, setting a reminder to buy when you have the money or saving the date.

You have so much to give, both of yourself and to others. You know you’re here to serve others and make your dent in the world. You just need guidance to step onto and follow your path.

I’m ready to do this, the biggest question for me is – are you ?

See you there,

Much Love Yvette xxx

Your questions, answered

I’d love to come but I can’t afford it - is there anything you can do?

Yup, I get it, I understand that getting the money together for this may not be that easy for some. So we have three options:

  1. A payment plan that lets you split the £498 investment into three easy payments
  2. Join us on the live stream. You can tune in from home and save money on travel etc.
  3. We MAY be creating a one-day option that allows you to attend the first day. But please DO NOT wait for this. As once the spaces have gone – they have gone.
I’ve attended EAM events before - will this be different?

If you’ve been to the one or two day EAM events, some of what we cover on the first day of the 3 Day event may be familiar to you. However, you’ll hear it all in a whole new way, there will be new content we’re feeding in from The Ultimate Self-Help Book that you certainly have not seen or heard before.

For the second and third day, only those who have been through The Energy Evolution and in some cases people only on our mentor training will have seen and experienced how we teach it before. This is your chance to tap into some of the same shifts our members experience on the longer 10 month programme.

Who is this event for?

This event is for those who are looking for a new way to change their life, feel happier and close the gap between where they are right now and where they want to be… in other words, YOU! It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned workshop junky or just looking for a way to feel better, at this event you’ll discover something you can take home and actually use in everyday life.

I already attended The Energy Emergence before… can I attend again?

Of course! We have many men and women who have attended previous events who get so much from it they want to come back again and experience it all over again. You’ll always be welcome and your experience is also really valuable to people on the event who have never experienced EAM before.

Is Lunch Included?

You’ll be welcome to help yourself to tea, coffee etc and drinks while snacks will be available on the day. Please bring a lunch with you or feel free to pop out during the lunch break to visit one of the many places to eat nearby.

What time does it start and finish?

Registration is 8:45am and we start at 9:30am. This is a great opportunity to meet everyone and connect with those in the room. We begin promptly at 9:30am with regular breaks and time for lunch. Depending on how long we take questions for during the Q&A Session in the afternoon we should finish by 6:00pm.

Will I Be On Camera?

Maybe. We will be taking some pictures and videos throughout the day. You will be asked to sign a permission form when you enter the room. If you feel that you really do not wish to give permission, we are happy to refund your ticket costs at the event. However, we will be recording, taking photos and video footage.

What happens once I book my ticket?

When you register your place for the event, you’ll receive a confirmation email straight away. Inside the email are all the details you need to find the venue, start times, directions and travel arrangements.

You’ll also receive a link to the 7 day energy experience so you can get started straight away. If you have any questions about your ticket please contact

I’d love to attend but I’m nervous about participating in such a large group

Don’t worry. We’re a loving and non-judgemental group. My goal is to help you feel comfortable and at ease within the walls of our room. Some people are very happy to jump up and talk about their experiences, others less so. If you want to sit and listen or if you feel able and happy to share, we don’t mind. We’re there to give you personalised support when you need it.

Can I just do this on my own? Do I really need to come to an event?

You’re right, you CAN do this on your own. My whole principle behind EAM is that you CAN do this alone. I believe everyone should feel empowered to take control of their life because no one else is ever going to do it for you. Whilst it IS down to you to change your life, sometimes you need someone there with you to hold your hand, to help you up again when you fall and to believe in you and your vision on days when you feel like you can’t. THAT is why I always have a mentor and I suggest you do too. Coming to an event like this gives you a mentor to work alongside for a WHOLE day to see how much quicker you can make changes and shifts with them beside you. Believe you won’t believe what you can do.

What If I Can't Afford It?

This is never an easy one to answer. I know what it feels like to have no spare cash and feel worried about committing when you have no idea what could come of it. The way I used to make my decision was to ask myself “Will I learn something new?” “Will it help me move from here to where I want to be?”. If the answer was YES, I would do it.

Think about this. If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got. So what do you want to do differently to change your life? We’ve even made it easy for you to say yes by splitting the cost over three months for you. My question to you is not can you afford it but can you afford NOT to?

Will there be a chance to ask questions?

Absolutely! It’s really important to me that you leave the day with an answer to questions you’re asking. So we’ve got some free flow time to ask any BIG questions in the room.

What Should I Wear?

Something that makes you comfortable. And wear layers too, you never know what the temperature in the room will be. We try to accommodate everyone whether hot or cold but it isn’t easy to get the temperate perfect for everyone so please bring layers with you.

What should I bring with me?

Bring yourself. You may also want to bring along a journal or workbook so you can write your notes, “aha” moments and anything you need to work on.

How Can I Get A Refund?

As per the Money Back Guarantee above if you come along to the day and don’t love it by the end of session 2, just come and ask and the team will make sure you get all of your money returned no questions asked. Refunds are not available if you’re unable to attend. We reserve the right to change the date/time or venue. Your ticket will be valid at the new venue and therefore is not subject to a refund. Of course you can always give it to a friend.

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