The Ultimate Self Help Live Event

Thursday, Friday & Saturday – 17th, 18th and 19th October 2019

You’re in for a life changing 3 days… I say that because I know the hundreds of people who’ve been along to events like this and been a part of what we’re up to. I have seen the shifts in the lives of those who use this.

We’re meeting for registration from 8:30am. We begin fully in the room at 9:00am GMT sharp !

The days shall end around 6/7pm.

Each day, the sessions will look like this (these are approximate times and may vary slightly):

09:00 – 11:00 | Session 1

11:00 – 11:30 | Break

11:30 – 13:30 | Session 2

13:30 – 14:30 | Lunch

14:30 – 16:30 | Session 3

16:30 – 17:00 | Break

17:00 – 18:00/19:00 | Session 4


Heston Hyde Hotel, North Hyde Lane, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW5 0EP


Complimentary Inclusive parking for all attendees.


You can of course stay at the venue, or there are also a number of hotels within a 2 mile radius of the venue.


Tea & coffee will be flowing throughout the day as well as vegan snacks but have a good breakfast as you will need your energy on arrival! Please feel free to bring small snacks with you. No nuts though please in case of others with allergies.

Lunch is included, and will be a vegan buffet Lunch. Please do make us aware of any severe allergies by emailing:


Before arrival you will be asked to electronically sign a photo release form and a workshop participation agreement form. You will need to have signed these to gain access to the room as we’ll be taking photos and videos throughout the day. The form also details what you can and cannot do in regards to practicing EAM in an external capacity.

Self Care

The next few days will be emotional, challenging, yet so rewarding in so many ways. We want to ensure that you are fully prepared in every way.

To do so, please make sure you have slept and rested well.

Try to avoid meat and dairy 48 hours before the event and for the duration of the event

Keep hydrated before during and after the event. There will be plenty of water on hand at the event, but please make sure you have drank lots before arriving as well.

Please no alcohol 48 hours before the event or during. We want your mind to be as clear as possible to make some magical transformations.

Ensure you are grounded and present during all the sessions. We wouldn’t want you to miss crucial information.

If you do need to leave the room, please make sure you tell your mentor.

At some point throughout the event, we may ask you to change tables. This is so that you can work with other people/mentors and get a different perspective.

Please do ask questions if you ever feel stuck at any time. We are all here to help!

Pre Event Getting Started Training

The pre-event getting started training is going to get you ready for the event, its really important you go through it so you can get the most out of the event.

You will have a separate email from us with the login details in it and you can access the first getting started. 

Live Q & A Calls

I will be running two live Q & A Calls. This will help you get ready to make sure you know how to use EAM before, so we make the most of our time together. After the event I’ll be available for you to answer any more questions & make sure you are implementing everything we’ve discovered too.

Pre Event Call: Wednesday 9th October 2019 @ 8PM.

Post Event Call: Wednesday 30th October 2019 @ 8PM.

We’ll send details and links for the call nearer the time.

Empowerment Call

We all know what it’s like …

  • You go to an event you feel the buzz and excitement

  • You get in the zone and promise you will change your life

  • You get home and those promises disappear after a couple of days.

We know this is what happens so we want to be there to help you put this into practice.

After our event .. You’ll get a Next Steps Clarity Session with one of our mentors to help you define and create a plan for your next steps. So that you can REALLY make changes in your life (and not just imagine them).

By phone:  + 44 (0)208 168 4888

By email: 

VAT Company ID:  426458678

Registered Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX



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