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If you are reading this, you are here for a reason.

Maybe you’ve been asking the universe for answers.

We’ve been asking to meet someone like you too!

The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) is a fast growing phenomenon, which industry leaders are already saying is “The Fastest Method For Getting In Flow”.

Now, we are on a mission to PROVE how quick and effective EAM is at helping people release those heavy thoughts and emotions so they can feel lighter, brighter, happier, more confident and in flow every day.

We would love you to try EAM for free…

And in return we’d love your feedback on how this powerful energy psychology technique has shifted your energy, thoughts & emotions – and helped you change your life, feel happier and be more in flow.

Last year over 1,000+ people took part in our first study, with 78% experiencing a significant shift in their life experience in just a few days. We were blown away to see this happening and to see the results of the study.

This year, we’re going to see how using EAM can help you create quicker transformations in our “5 Days To Flow” challenge, designed to shift your energy from are now to where you want to be… in less than a week.


Usually, we charge £198 for access to this training, but today you can get access for free by being part of this study.

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So who are we, and why are we running this study?

My name’s Yvette Taylor and I’m the creator of the Energy Alignment Method (EAM)

EAM is a transformational technique that enables you to let go of stuck or resistant energy, thoughts and emotions and so you can be feel more in flow.

You know those days when everything feels easy, simple and goes better than you could have planned? Well basically we want you to have more of them!

You see EAM isn’t another “woo woo” technique.

We’re on a mission to share this with millions of people, and to be able to quieten “the skeptics” out there I know we need to show the power of this through practical research too.

I’ve used the method to change my life, and in the process been lucky enough to have fun helping thousands of women and men shift their thoughts and emotions, change their life and become the person they really want to be.

Of course, I haven’t always been doing this…

How can I make the Law of Attraction work for me?

Just like you, I was on a search for answers…

When I discovered the Law of Attraction it was a great theory but “How could I make it work for me?”.

All the theories I learnt just didn’t fit into my life as I was still trying to juggle the internal battles, the fear, the frustration, self-doubt and overwhelm of my everyday life.

So when someone suggested “sitting and meditating” or “journalling” it just made me want to scream !

I needed something practical that I could use

Something that would ACTUALLY make me feel better in that moment. If you’re anything like me, whilst you ‘get’ energy and personal transformation and love the concepts, you also need something practical, you can use. 

You don’t always have hours to spend meditating, writing in your journal, or leaving post it notes around your house to remind you to “be positive”. They are great practices but they don’t give you the instant relief and shift in your energy. That is what lead me on the journey to creating EAM.

You see it breaks my heart to see so many people trying to change their lives and ending up stuck. Not because there is something wrong just because they don’t know a few simple concepts.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.


Why you’re struggling to manifest what you really want.

Hint: It’s NOT you!

The real problem is how we’re taught about energy and the Law of Attraction. You’re not given the full picture and so, through no fault of your own, you’re feeling lost, like you don’t “get it” or that the Law of Attraction seems to work for everyone else and not for you. You end up blaming yourself.

So, what if I told you there was a simple way to get more done, to have more free time and start living the dream life you really want? What if you had something practical and useful to get the Law of Attraction working for you? 

What if there was a simple, proven tool used by thousands of people who were once in the same situation you are now? And it didn’t require ANY meditating, journaling or Post-It notes!

The good news is there is.

The simple way to manifest what you really want.

I found a way to bridge the gap between Eastern principles and science to develop a practical tool to give you instant results – and it’s called The Energy Alignment Method® (EAM).

Not only do I want to share EAM you, but I would like to invite you to be part of our biggest study yet to prove its success in transforming how you master your feelings and emotions and get in flow.

Hear what our community has to say about the Energy Alignment Method (EAM)

EAM and Yvette Taylor found me because I was ready to say yes to me. The universe already had my back and I was lucky enough to have my eyes open. This journey has already changed my life and me for the better. After only two months so many people have said how different I am and I know my soul grows every day as I discover new parts of me. I feel am being reborn to be the gift I should be for the world.

There is no ONE thing that made me choose to do it .telling me about her experiences of EAM. When she spoke about her experience of EAM I could see it was real, it was no sales pitch, it was no mad project and I was not making it up in my head because I needed something to fix my life. It was then I knew I was part of something special.

Lorraine Sinyard

This EAM is magic – there is such a wealth of knowledge support and love inside this that you cannot imagine it would be possible until you come through the door… and it just grows and grows. I don’t think words can do it justice…

The incredibly unconditional support during the experience, the amazing shifts in myself and others that I was privileged to be a part of and the complete acceptance that this was my journey and my decision to make whether to carry on .. and that the support was there made me take the leap.

I still have wobbles wondering if I am mad or selfish etc .. after all status quo is ok and safe .. but do I really want to spend the rest of my life just waiting to die? OR did I want to live !

Sunita Koshal

After the 15 days using EAM I was blown away by how much I changed and my life was changing around me. It was phenomenal.

Two months in, I am amazed by the magic of EAM. It hasn’t been easy and I have had some tough days but my goodness the other side is euphoric.

The support from the group, the mentors and you has been amazing and the initial worries about money are well and truly out of the window…it is worth every penny and I can’t wait to see Kerry on the other side because I’m already seeing huge changes and I feel the luckiest person alive that I’ve found you! Bring it on!

Kerry O Sullivan

What happens during the study program?

Listen this isn’t going to be one of those stuffy, probing studies. We don’t wear white coats, we don’t have clipboards. This is an exploration into your shifts and transformations. We’re just want to do a short questionnaire at the start and the end of your journey to track your progress.

Which is why we are running this as a short 5-day challenge. This is all about taking action and getting the shifts and we’ll be “doing” the work together. We’re going have fun, I promise.

Every day there is a short video and a little action for you to take. You’ll understand the five simple steps of The Energy Alignment Method® (EAM), help them achieve the incredible results our last challenge delivered. But this time, we’re going to do in just 5 Days!

If you’ve been looking for the answer to something that’s perhaps been hiding from you, here’s your chance to find the missing piece of the puzzle…

(And make a difference at the same time!)

Over the 5 days I’ll show you how to apply some simple but powerful concepts to your life right away so you can see changes in your energy, the way you think and the way you feel.


Join the challenge today and here’s what you’ll discover:


The #1 Thing Nearly EVERYONE Is Missing When Trying To Change Their Life & Manifest

You’ll see why positive affirmations, visualisations or meditations don’t work if keep doing this or miss this out. You’ll see how easy it is to turn around when you know.



I’ll share with you a MUST follow journey. This is a specific order that works with your energy and not against it so you can change your life and create the things you want. (If you ever wondered why things don’t shift much for you… here’s the answer!)


HOW TO APPLY The 5 Simple Steps Of The Energy Alignment Method – EAM

How you can use this powerful yet energy psychology now used by thousands of women and men to so you have mastery of your energy, thoughts and emotions so you can stay in flow every day.




Please do not join this study if you’re not ready to experience big transformations and shifts in your energy and change what you see in your life in a short time period. 

This journey is not a note-taking exercise or something where you can build up to results in six months or a year. The EAM process works quickly, often immediately – it is often a lot faster than any other method or approach you may be used to. In taking part in the journey you take full responsibility for yourself.

So if you’re open to seeing real, significant changes in your life you will get the most from being part of this study. If you feel your mind, body and soul is ready for this change, then please continue reading.

What do I get when I join the study?

By joining the study, you WILL discover more ways to feel happier, experience more love, watch your inner sense of confidence shine and enjoy feeling more freedom.

You’ll also have a powerful process and key concepts you can apply to your life every day. I’ll show you how to can have an immediate shift in your energy, how you think and what you feel, because it is all within your control. It’s your chance to let go of feeling stuck, tired, bored and overwhelmed and cross that bridge to all the things you want to experience and get to where you know you want to be.

To join the study, you need to hurry!

We’re making the “5 Days To Flow” Challenge available whilst it is FREE. So if you would like to be part of our mission to change the world then please sign up right now.

(The training shared here in the “5 Days To Flow” Challenge is usually delivered at a 2 day event for £198.)


How can I be part of this?

To join the study, you just need to say YES and accept our invite and register for the “5 Days To Flow” Challenge today by clicking one of the buttons below.

This is going to bring huge benefits for you, as you walk the path many others have successfully been on before and becoming part of our growing and supportive community of people who “get this” too.

You see, I’m one of just many people who are on a mission to create a massive difference in the world. This is just how I am doing mine.

I know EAM works. I’ve seen it happen with thousands of people now and I know once you get this you’ll love how easy it is to use and get yourself in flow too. It’s powerful, simple and profound. That’s why I’d love to have you join us and take part in the study and by securing your spot right now.

Click the button below, join the community and get ready to begin. As soon as you secure your place, we’ll send you everything you need to take part.


You have a choice

You can let this pass you by and carry on with the MILLION things you have to do right now. I get it, I really do. I also know the universe has brought us together for a reason. There is NO mistake that you’re reading this page.

So what are you waiting for?

Click below and let’s make the difference to change ourselves once and for all. Take action. Do this for yourself today and I’ll see you on the other side.


Who is Yvette Taylor?

Yvette Taylor spent 15 years using and teaching eastern principles, spiritual practices and self-development throughout the UK and is the creator of the Award Winning Self Help & Personal Transformational Technique – The Energy Alignment Method™, dubbed the fastest method for getting in flow.

She was voted the Top 10 Holistic Therapists In The UK – Holistic Therapy Magazine, Winner of the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award, as well as multiple awards for “UK’s Best Coaching And Mentoring Business”, “Shining Online” and for making an impact and being an inspiration to women in the UK.

Yvette has been featured on America Out Loud Talk Radio Show, been in High Spirit Magazine, spoken on stage with people such as Dr Andrea Pennington, Ali Brown and Dr Joanna Martin. She has been interviewed alongside well-known names like Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton and Andy Dooley.

She is an entrepreneur and change-maker by heart, who has taken not one but two companies from zero to six- and seven-figures turnover in less than 18 months. In 9 years working as a business and marketing coach has worked with over 11,000+ spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs.


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