Day 3 ~ How to Change Your Life in 10 Easy Steps


Today is about understanding the WHOLEISTIC way to change your life so you work with your energy and not against it. I would love to show you the step by step way to create real change in your life using the Energy Alignment Method.
You’ll discover:

  • How you can transform the 10 key areas of your life so you can get more in flow
  • Why there is a “best” order to begin transforming these areas (when you discover why you’ll enjoy faster, more effortless breakthroughs in every part of your life)
  • Why you need to know where you’re stuck so you can understand what to do next.

Your task

After the video you’ll need about 15 – 20 minutes to complete the task, allow yourself at least half an hour to be on the safe side. Of course you can spend longer if you’d like to. Download the worksheet to complete at the same time too. Post your feedback and questions in the Facebook group underneath today’s Video. This is to make sure we can support you and keep track of your comments on the thread.

Are you ready to change your life with EAM?

There is so much more to EAM than I can share with you in these 5 days of training. If you’re really ready to change your life then discover how you can join our transformational workshops, 121 sessions, groups and online programs.

We are here waiting for you to join the next phase and to change your life.

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