Are You Ready To Create A Free Step By Step Plan To Change Your Life?



I’ll tell you why in a minute. But first let me tell you what you’re getting for free.

We’ve put aside some time for our mentors to jump on a call with you. 

To help you create a ‘Next Steps To Change Your Life’ Plan

We do it together by actually LISTENING to YOU.  

Finding out where your energetic, emotional and practical stuck points are. 

So you know what you need to do to let them go. 

We find out where you are.

What is in the way.

And where you want to be in the future.

Then, together, we create a step by step plan to empower YOU to change your life.   

Often we end up doing some EAM with you, to get unstuck right there on the call too.

So you can get to where you want to be, as quickly and easily as possible, by using EAM to get you in flow.

Then we take everything you shared to help you create a step by step plan, so you know where to begin changing, letting go and freeing up more energy in your life.   

You are probably wondering, why ?

Let me be completely transparent. This is how we meet new clients.

So instead of trying to convince you how great it is to WORK WITH US…  

We love to actually help you in advance for FREE.  If it is meant to be, the value of the experience will do the ‘selling’ for us … The universe always brings the right people together at the right time. For the right reasons. It is ALL about the magic. 

One Of These 3 Things Will Happen For You ….

Now after the call one of three things will happen.

The FIRST possibility is you’ll think your next steps plan is no good and that we wasted your time .
To date this has NEVER EVER HAPPENED  .. I guess there is always a first  haha

But if you feel your time was wasted, we’ll immediately send you £100 as a gift  for the hour or so we spend together..

The SECOND possibility is that you decide to use the ‘Next Steps Plan To Change Your Life’ and go ahead and work on it yourself..

If that is the case, I’ll wish you the best of luck, send you love and be so happy to have helped you on your way..

The THIRD (and most common) scenario, is that you’re so thrilled with the clarity you have from the plan, you ASK TO WORK WITH US AND BECOME A CLIENT.

If that is the case here is how that works …

We will take your ’Next Steps Plan To Change Your Life’ which we map out for you and work together to make it happen, through The Energy Evolution which is our 10 month transformational program. 

Here Is How That Works

So instead of working on it alone. We work with you to go on the journey to change your life. Where we lead you through the 10 workbooks, via online training videos, new meditations and more than 88 exercises.

So you can systematically bring every area of your life into flow.

The Energy Evolution covers the 10 key areas we’ve looked at over the last few days… your Universal Connection, Thoughts, Beliefs & Mindset, Emotions, Physical Health, Home & Environment, Relationships, Lifestyle, Money Wealth & Abundance, Passion and Purpose and Making an impact.   

You’ll be part of our private Facebook group and awesome supportive community.

Whilst we all start on the same journey… Everyone is ‘stuck’ at different points in their life.  And it will be entirely different situations which got you stuck. Which means there can be entirely different ways to get ’unstuck’ from the things holding you back.

This is where being part of The Collective group program & your own support mentor comes in. We are there to do the work with you.

You’ll have your own accountability group of 5 – 10 people. Who will become your lifelong friends.  Every week you’ll have a call with your group and your mentor.

Your mentor is there guide and support you. Help you overcome your specific challenges, and keep you focused on moving towards the life you want. These accountability calls are a chance for you to work on anything in your way.

Because remember your ‘stuck’ points will be different to anyone else. 

Every two weeks you’ll get on a live group Q & A call with me. Where you’ll get the chance to celebrate your wins and ask anything. If you need it we’ll do some EAM on what ever is holding you back there on the call.

Now because we LOVE to get together as a member of the COLLECTIVE. You also get 4 FREE tickets to join our transformational live events throughout the year. These are 2 day live events, which we usually sell for £500+. These are an amazing opportunity to get some hands on help, spend time with me, your group and the wider community.

At these live events we spend two days dedicated to the biggest stuck points most people have. Like Getting in Flow, Relationships, Money & Abundance and Living Your Purpose In Life.


Now of course all of this only happens IF… We decide mutually that we’re a good fit.

And of course IF you decide that you actually WANT TO BE A CLIENT

If that is the case the cost for the The Collective group program is just £328 per month.

There is also a version of that journey called The Creator with a lower monthly cost for just £128 per month too.

Now if you have a calling to be an EAM Mentor and we feel you would be a good fit. This 10 month journey is the first part of your 18 month training with us anyway. 

HOWEVER, you should know that this conversation will in no way be a sales pitch in disguise.

In fact, if at the end of our conversation, you tell us we wasted your time..

We will immediately give you £100 as compensation … No strings attached to that. Although there is a catch .. We can’t help everyone.

I’m sure you can appreciate time is precious and we want to make these calls available for those people we really can help.


In order for us book a call and DO THIS NEXT STEPS PLAN FOR YOU, you need to meet this strict (but reasonable) criteria..

FIRST, you MUST BE READY to change your life. That means you are prepared to trust the process and take the leap. Do whatever it takes to create the life YOU want.

SECOND,  you are COMMITTED. You are not looking for a quick fix but rather REAL CHANGE.

THIRD, you are ready to LIVE IN THE NEW PARADIGM. Which means  leaving behind the ‘Victim’ part . Stepping away from bitching, whining, moaning and blaming others. And standing in YOUR POWER.

Don’t worry if you aren’t there yet because that is exactly what we can help you with… But you must be at least willing to go there and let it go. In order to change your life.

That’s it !


So if joining The Energy Evolution 10 month program, either for the Collective or Creator or becoming a mentor sounds interesting, here’s what to do next.

Take a look at the form below. Select the option that says Energy Evolution 10 Month Program or Become a Mentor

This will take you to a form, it takes about 30 seconds to fill out. After which you’ll be able to book in a suitable time to create your ‘Next Steps Plan To Change Your Life’ talk to one of our EAM mentors.  

If you’re not yet ready to book your Next Steps call but you want to find out about our events, 121’s VIP sessions or just see how EAM may help you there are other options on the list too. Just choose the one that is right for you.

So clearly where ever you are, there is a next step. This is just the beginning of the journey. And that’s why you should click the link above to get started today.