5 Essential Steps To Make Sure You Can Take Part

Especially If You Have Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Emails Please Read Below

Hurray … I’m So Thrilled You’re In
Let’s Get You Ready To Begin

1. Join 5 Days To Flow Facebook Group

This is where it all happens, all our daily videos, the community and the support to take you through the 5 days to flow. All you need to do is click the button below and request access to join the facebook group. Please give us the SAME email address you just used to register on the questions, so that we can confirm you are in the group. One of the team will confirm your request ASAP I’m so looking forward to seeing you there !

2. Complete This Short Questionnaire

This is the first part of the study. Please complete this short questionnaire first. We want to get to know you. Let’s understand where you’re at right now. What is keeping you going and what drains your energy? Where do you want to get to and what do you feel is standing in your way?

3. Signup To Get The 5 Day Notifications
In Facebook Messenger

If you want to ensure you get the daily links to each of the videos , or you don’t like searching in your email, you can choose to get them by messenger too. Click on the button below and we will ensure you get each of the 5 days on Facebook.

4. Vital Check Your Email Inbox

We want to make sure you can hear from us. So please check your email inbox straight away, you’ll see an email from Yvette Taylor or search for hello@energyalignmentmethod.com

If you’ve registered and you are seeing this page we will have your details. If you are not receiving emails it is usually something to do with your email supplier particularly GMAIL and HOTMAIL. They get a bit protective and sometimes block emails you WANT into your email inbox. We have created a special page to help you make sure our emails get to you for every hosting provider with instructions on what to do.

Please click this button below and follow the steps here on this page for your email provider

If you still can’t find it send us an email on hello@energyalignmentmethod.com with your phone number. We will be able to manually send a confirmation email to you which will tell your provider to make sure our emails arrive.

5. Share With Your Friends

Going on a journey like this is so much better when you do it with friends. You’re about to create some life changing shifts in your energy, the way you think and how you feel. So share with your friends and invite them to do the same.

Together you can keep each other accountable, Share the ahaha moments and have someone else in your life who understands what EAM is all about.

You can share just by clicking the link below or you can check your email inbox for your special link to invite your friends along too. This is a unique tracking link just for you so we can say THANKS for anyone you bring to the community.