Have you heard your calling? If so we need YOU… Get ready to step up and join us

For people with passion and intention who know they are here to change the world.

The Energy Alignment Method is already a global phenomenon, and it’s about to get even bigger. It changes lives everywhere it goes. And we’re looking to spread the word.

Are you one of the next wave of powerful driven mentors we’re looking for who want to:

  • Discover your own unstoppable self-belief and live their life in flow
  • Calm the chaos by mastering your energy, thoughts and emotions
  • Help yourself, and others experience powerful transformations
  • Find your voice and share your message
  • Start or grow your own mentoring/coaching business

Today could be the beginning of a journey that forever changes your life…

If you’re reading this page, I believe it’s no coincidence. It was meant to be. The universe has a remarkable way of bringing together things which are intended to be. This is no exception.

By now, you’ve probably experienced the power of the Energy Alignment Method and the change it’s brought to your life, energy, thinking and emotions.

When you experience something so powerful and feel it so deeply, it’s natural to want to share this experience. I mean, how can you keep it to yourself?!

You’re one of the passion and purpose-filled people who want a more meaningful and life-giving experience.

You want to share the message. You feel driven, compelled — even called — to empower others to experience their own transformations. Even if you’ve never done this before or you don’t know where to start…

Hey, it’s me, Yvette, here. And there’s something important I want to share with you…

I’m looking for the next wave of powerful mentors to help me share the Energy Alignment Method. We’re on a mission to empower thousands more men and women around the globe to be in flow, find their purpose and live happier, more awesome lives.

Know this is for you, already? It starts with a call.

If you’ve already experienced the Fear To Love or attended the one of our events, you’ve seen EAM in action…

The Energy Alignment Method has already helped more than 50,000+ women and men who experienced dramatic transformations to realise their dreams, find their purpose and finally fulfil their potential. Over the last 6 years, we’ve been pretty busy!

  • We now have over 100 trained EAM mentors worldwide who are qualified to use EAM
  • We’ve run sell-out one day and 3 day workshops with The Energy Express and The Ultimate Self Help Live with the attendance of over 800+ people
  • We’ve run our own research projects with over 10,000+ people taking part
  • We’ve won two awards for The Best Therapy and voted Top 10 Holistic Therapist in the UK (I was pretty chuffed with that!)
  •  We’ve been featured in national magazines and radio interviews – Glamour, Kindred Spirit, Spirit & Destiny, Woman’s Way & Holistic Therapist Magazine
  • And we’re in our 3rd year of running The Energy Evolution group programme

To help us achieve this vision, I want to reach out to people just like you, who are already coaching and mentoring or who would love to be. Let’s go on this journey together that will enable you to realise your own vision too.

What is the Energy Alignment Method?

The Energy Alignment Method (EAM) is a transformational 5-step, self-help technique bridging the gap between science and spirit. EAM is the foundation of energy medicine, neuroscience research, the Law of Attraction and Traditional Chinese medicine. This technique combines principles from Kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and positive psychology.

EAM is the fastest growing self-help technique in the world right now.

We’ve earned award after award for our work. Most importantly for you, EAM is backed by real-life evidence. Results from our latest research study where 78% of participants experienced a significant shift in just five days of using EAM.

EAM is the fastest growing self-help technique in the world right now.

We’ve earned award after award for our work. Most importantly for you, EAM is backed by real-life evidence. Results from our latest research study showed that participants experienced a significant shift in just five days of using EAM.

The change we want to see in the world begins with YOU.


If I showed you a picture of yourself 8 months from today, how would it feel if that version of you…

  • Has reached a level of self-confidence and self-belief which shines from inside you
  • Has the strength, resilience and bounce-back-ability to deal with everything life gives you
  • Has calmed the chaos and gets inflow by mastering your energy, thoughts and emotions
  • Enjoys an abundance of life and financial security knowing you have more than enough money to enjoy a life of freedom.
  • Knows you can do what you want, when you want. You travel where you want and live your life by your own rules.

  • Feels more connected with those around you and experiences more love and happiness in relationships
  • Is more focused and living life with purpose. Growing your mentoring or coaching business, changing lives and earning money without having to worry about the things that take you away from doing what you do best
  • Was part of a team of inspiring people who are more like your ideal perfect family. All working together to make an impact in the world bigger than anything you’ve ever experienced

Wow! Can you feel the goosebumps? Or the butterflies fluttering in your heart or tummy? Just imagine how incredible it will feel to be even close to a few of those. It sounds almost too good to be true.

Here’s how the Energy Alignment Method Life Coach Certification changed the lives of those who came before

We always like to keep things real…

No one expects you to be Mrs or Mr Perfect (despite what you see others posting all over Facebook or Instagram.) (Ha ha, I know I’m certainly not. I’m still and always will be a work in progress:)) Just imagine, how it will feel when you can master your energy, choose your thoughts and shift your emotions, so you can deliberately be more in flow? How much more will you achieve? How many more people will you help? How much quicker will you achieve that connection to abundance, financial security and independence so you can do anything you want?

Why NOW is the time to be part of something bigger

You know you were destined for great things. You have the power. You just need to choose to use this power to change your life and make an impact on others, too. There are two types of people:

  • Those who wait for change to happen. They stay stuck in their story and “wish” for life to be different.
  • Those who take life, give it a loving slap, recognise their true power and choose to make change happen.

Please forget about your past. Your past does not define your future. At any moment, we all have the choice to be whoever we want to be. If you’re reading this right now, I believe you’re the second type of person.

Someone who knows you have the power to make an impact and feels excited and energised by empowering others. You know you want to do something to make this world a better, happier place. Of course, that change begins within ourselves. That’s why your Energy Alignment Method journey to becoming a mentor begins with your own personal transformation. Every single one of our mentors has been on their own journey to change their life. This isn’t something that happened with just a few days of training. It’s something they had to embrace and live through fully. It’s a part of who they have become. That’s what enables you to be an EAM mentor. I want to do the same for you.

EAM is already a global revolution. Are you called to be one of our leaders in the movement?

Over the last few years, I’ve been blown away by how powerful EAM has been in changing lives. I always knew EAM could create massive change for people, but the speed at which word has spread about EAM and the enthusiasm people have shown for it has been mind-blowing. I’m forever grateful to so many of the wonderful people who have become massive fans, spreading the EAM word everywhere they go! (I guess that’s what happens when things are in flow!) Now, you have the chance to work with us here at EAM as a mentor and get all the support and help you need along this journey.

I believe together we can create the transformational change needed in the world. To remind people how powerful they are and how awesome their lives can be. Enabling people to heal themselves and finally reach their true potential. Together, we’re moving people from just surviving and getting by… to actually living a life full of excitement and love while fulfilling the potential they always knew they had within, so they can go on to make a serious impact in the world.

It’s time for the truth… has your life been everything you expected? Or are you looking for more?

Ok, I hope you know me by now. I say it like it is. And I think it’s only fair for me to speak the truth here. It breaks my heart to see so many women and men not living the life they want and deserve. I’ve seen too many people give up They hide and make “good” excuses based on fear. They use their past and current life experience to explain why their future can’t be different. All of this just adds more to the reality of the life they have, and they never reach their full potential.

It breaks my heart because they have so much to give and share with the world. Yet they’re only keeping themselves stuck by feeding off their current energy!

That’s ALL it is. It’s just energy. It’s NOT an accurate reflection. It’s just your current energy experience. And it can change. You can change it at any given moment. I know it can be tough to hear, but if you’re ready to put the work in, you’ll get to the right place you’ve been dreaming about in your life.

That’s what I want for you. Actually, that’s all I wish for anyone with EAM – to realise they can live the future they’ve dreamt of and deserve.

With all my years of coaching, I’m meant to remain impartial. But sometimes I still get the urge to lovingly kick people in the ass or shake them by the shoulders and tell them to

“WAKE the **** UP! Your life can be awesome! Like, REALLY awesome.”

You see, these fears, patterns and excuses are standing in your way…

Until you let them go, they will continue to hold you down and keep you stuck. Before I discovered EAM, I saw the same patterns in myself. We have the best intentions when we start something. Then when things get uncomfortable, we start doing something new. The fear kicks in, and people crawl back to the familiarity of their comfort zone, drifting back to the monotony of their daily life, and ending up right back at square one.

Let me tell you this: your life won’t change unless you get ok with being uncomfortable. THAT is the point, and yes, it’s going to be scary (you can EAM that)… but only incredible things come from this. Here’s the thing: changing your life is not going to be easy. If it were, everyone would do it. That’s what makes it so hard when trying to go it alone. It’s also the reason why most people give up.

When limitation kicks in and the voices inside our head get too loud…

Unless we have someone there to speak the truth, we slip back into old habits. The great news is you shouldn’t do it alone AND don’t have to… but more on this in a minute. You’ve seen how only a few hours working with EAM can bring up all kinds of emotions. It’s INCREDIBLE how unaware we may be about something hidden deep down being the cause of your stuck energy.

Yes, of course, you could go away after this and use EAM to change your life on your own. It’ll work but the shifts will take longer and may not be as profound without the support you receive from like-minded people, who have been on the same journey. EAM is a proven process and method to enable you to finally leave behind all the crap and pain you’ve carried over the years so you can be free, change your life and create the future you KNOW you deserve.

Magical things happen when you serve others

As an EAM mentor, you have the power to go into the world and share the EAM message with everyone you can. You have in your hands and your heart, a technique to change the lives of thousands and the power of being part of a team on the same mission…

Imagine the impact we can have on our children who will feel happy, inspired, confident.

Imagine the impact we can have on our relationships with one another where we communicate from a place of love, are more open and able to connect with people who matter, so you feel a part of something bigger. Imagine the impact we can have on our planet when everyone learns to love other people, and recognise it’s US who need to change for the world at large to change.

So are you ready to take the lead? To take action rather than wait? Come and join us, be part of the team and we can build it together. We’re already on a mission to make that happen AND we’re taking massive action to see it through by sharing The Energy Alignment Method™ with people who are ready to take action too!

The 5 steps to making EAM part of your life. Every. Single. Day.

You’ve felt this by now. You know you already have everything within you. Now you need a way to tap into the source of your potential to live the happy, healthy and inspired life you deserve.

Here’s how:




Have you ever felt like the greatest challenge is having someone you can count on when you need to ask questions or just talk? I can’t tell you how invaluable it is to surround yourself with people who share the same values as you. They get it. They speak the same language and have been or are on the same journey as you. Trust me, being part of a community makes the process SO much easier. Even with EAM, we all hit those inevitable down days, the dark moments when you feel you can’t go on. Honestly, it’s part of the process! You can’t avoid it …, but instead of feeling lost or losing your belief and direction, you’ll have us there with you. A team by your side to pick you up, give you a hug, EAM the pants off it and get you back on your path. Whether you’re in need of emotional support or just a friendly ear, there’s so much to get from the team. Sometimes you need a reality check and someone to remind you of your purpose and vision. And, sorry to be the one to say it, sometimes you need a good, old-fashioned kick up the ass (in the most loving way possible, of course. Ha ha!) I get it when an issue hits close to home, we can be blinded by the truth and unable to be real with ourselves. Sometimes all it takes is a firm but loving hand (or foot!) to guide you along your path.




The foundational principle of EAM is to enable us to move and change everything in our life. What we see in our life right now is a result of what we previously thought and actions we took. And here’s the great news – they’re not who you ARE. At ANY moment you can change what you believe and how you feel. When you do, your life changes and you become the person you’ve always wanted to be. Think about what you could achieve if you let go of all the limiting thoughts or beliefs sat squirrelled away in your subconscious, negatively guiding your every decision. So, you’re finally free to create an abundant mindset and make a life based on your aligned choices.




I believe life is meant to be experienced. The whole purpose of this is to enjoy the journey. Every single moment. So many people are focused on the destination and end up missing the magical experiences along the way. Yes, I know I’ve been talking a lot about all the incredible shifts you will have and the future you will get to make into a reality. But more than anything it’s about the magical moments shared with the people you’ll meet on this journey. This is what makes EAM truly valuable.




Now is the time to transform your life. Let go of feeling overwhelmed, being in a hurry and taking on all the responsibility, never giving yourself the time to come up for air. Imagine what you can do when you reclaim your time and shift your energy. Giving yourself time and space, so you can enjoy your life and spend more time with the people you love. This transformation isn’t JUST about you either. By transforming your own life, you, in turn, have an impact on the lives of the people you live with and love too. Children get inspired. Partnerships become easier. Relationships gain greater trust and connection. You live the life you ALL want. All because YOU took the leap and said YES to yourself. YES to living a purpose-filled life. You’ll transform in so many different ways and on SO many levels. As you shift your energy, emotions and mindset, you’ll start to get so much more in flow. Life feels magic and you can transform any and everything you touch. It’s only a sway or two away!




You already know the power you have. The power we all have to create and manifest. The thing is up until now some of the things we’ve manifested may not have been the things we wanted. If you want to manifest the best life possible it’s going to take work. That’s for sure. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be fun. Keeping your life fun and exciting is the key to anything, and I can say there will be a tonne of surprises to keep you on your toes while you’re on the EAM journey. While it may not be a simple walk in the park, it’ll be a whole lot easier changing your life with EAM.

The Energy Evolution Collaboration

When you place all the pieces of this giant life puzzle together, you’ll see just how easy it is for you to manifest. Of course, the smart move is bringing it all together to keep you in flow, focused and accountable to yourself for long enough to make the serious changes in your life. Introducing… And that’s precisely what we’ve created for you: a transformational journey. Together we’ll  transform your personal and professional life. We’ve wrapped up everything you need within the EAM Mentor journey, including training, regular accountability, support and a loving community with some incredible events.

Here’s everything you get when you join the Energy Evolution Collaboration

8 month journey of personal & professional transformation

One of the things we pride ourselves on is the standard of our training. You can’t just do a two-day workshop and suddenly become qualified to change someone’s life. You first have to change your own.

All EAM mentors go on their OWN personal journey to change their lives. They HAVE to do this to be able to change the lives of others. And you are no exception.

The first part of this process is going through the Energy Evolution, which we’ve split into 4 training programmes for you;

The Energy Exploration – an 8 week online programme

The Energy Expansion – a 5 day vibration transformation training

The Energy Education – a 5 day intensive, advanced EAM techniques training.

The EAM Diploma – completion of case studies.

We work on YOU first so you’re able to overcome your own challenges while learning how to show up, be present and become the best you can be, so you can have the same impact on the lives of others. When you’re happy, and in flow, you can create magic for your clients and have a bigger impact on their life.

Once your personal transformation journey has begun, we start to develop your professional journey too. This will be a time when we work together to design, build and run your mentoring business for you to become the best mentor you can be.

Once qualified you are free to use EAM within your own business or choose to further your training within EAM.


At the heart of the Energy Evolution Collaboration programme is the infamous 5-Day Intensive training. 

This journey is more about you levelling up and stepping into your role as a leader. We give you everything you need to transform the lives of others so you can be the most successful EAM mentor possible.
We work together to evolve your coaching skills and understanding of the science of EAM, so you know how to create enormous shifts for your own clients.

I’ll show you how to connect to your intuition and use it to lead transformational sessions. You’ll never have so much fun experiencing real shifts and transformations learning anything else as you will with this. Seriously, you’ll be laughing and crying your way through this training. And making friends for life.

A lot is packed into these 5 days… Yes, we know it can be a HUGE amount to take in one go. That’s why we record the whole event, so you can go back over all the material, discover the aha moments and re-listen to the moments of wisdom in your own time.


Doing the best by your clients and giving them the huge transformation and shifts they’re looking for is just one part of the puzzle. To be able to change their lives, they first need to find you. As an EAM mentor, you also have a business to run. Many people who have a passion and purpose in the world see this as the most challenging part of being a mentor – having to deal with all the business stuff – the s**t that takes them away from what they really love doing: transforming the lives of clients.

The truth, it doesn’t have to be this way, and it can be fun. During the 10-month journey, you will have started to work on your business plan. So by the time you come to the 3-day event, you’re already well along your way to creating and running a soulful business you love. This event is designed to smooth out all the parts you find “annoying” when running your business by giving you the tools and systems you need to make it as simple and straightforward as possible.



In addition to being part of the group  once you are in the EAM family you have the opportunity to attend our live online community calls every week . This is your chance to bring up any business or personal questions you may have. Whether it’s about EAM or working with your clients, this is our space to work it out, learn more and evolve together.

Once you are in your mentor training you have 2 additional calls each month – one for accountability and one for you to share your peaks and troughs of what is happening in your life.



As an EAM mentor, you’ll have exclusive access to a wealth of additional training and resources. The training will delve deep into the science and spirit of energy, teaching you how to develop yourself and grow your business. With in-depth training covering the following

  • Understanding and using our energy structures
  • Chinese body diagnosis and how to use it in sessions with your clients
  • Different types of qi in the body
  • Developing your intuition
  • Powerful Coaching Questions

  • Holding the energy of a sessionDeveloping your listening skills
  • Developing your listening skills
  • How to build your business and find more clients
  • How to lovingly position yourself and your expertise

And a whole lot more…

Everything you need to grow yourself and your practice as a mentor can be found in this online portal. Access videos, content, and advice from the entire Collaboration programme as well as all of our Q&A calls from anywhere at any time with this easy-to-use website.


We consider this our “Bible”. When you join the journey, you’re given the Mentors Manual, a 200-page manual that covers ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. In its pages, you’ll find all the theory processes, tools and techniques you need to turn into a highly sought-after EAM mentor.


Our mentor community has its own private Facebook group.

This is a space to ask questions if you’re stuck with a client or come across something new in your work. Maybe you need some love or moral support. It’s here where we share, support and provide a warm word or loving kick up the arse if needed. This is where the magic happens, collaborations evolve and where updates and training are shared.

Me, as your mentor

And last, but not least (I hope) is this final element. You get me, Yvette, as your guide and mentor. For as long as you choose to be part of EAM, I’ll be around. Yes, we’re still small enough to work closely together to make this world a better place. Plus, I know joining this journey is a huge commitment. Which is why I’m here – anytime you ask. Anything you want. You’ve got me.

The Energy Evolution Collaboration is just the beginning… where you want your journey to go is up to you



Use EAM as a technique in your own coaching business



Mentor your own group and support at EAM events



Run and deliver your own EAM workshops



Work with me to deliver the live 2-day events and train other mentors



Work in partnership with me and fly around the world

Why you want to be an EAM mentor

Make a meaningful difference

If you’re still reading this by now, then you’re definitely someone who wants to make a difference. You know you have something big to give to the world. Let’s do this together. No one can change the world on their own.

Create a steady flow of paying clients who align with your values

How would it feel to be able to work with only the clients you love and who you’re confident you can make a massive difference to their life WITHOUT worrying about the money? Well, with a steady stream of clients, comes freedom. And with freedom, comes flow. As you grow and flow more, the money and the clients will follow. As an EAM mentor, you can be part of this wave and tap into a movement on the rise.

Grow your reputation and profile with a tool that produces WOW transformations

hen you make EAM part of your work, and you see your clients experience HUGE breakthroughs, what do you think they do? They tell their friends. And their friends will tell their friends. And as you continue to help them transform their lives by cleaning the cr*p in minutes, they’ll continue to help build awareness of your business.

Freedom to take your mentoring journey in any direction you want

Once you’re trained as an EAM mentor, you’re free to go out into the world and start using it with your clients. You’re also welcome to work more closely with us in partnership to run events, workshops and training. Be part of the team making a difference in the world.

Learn the business side so you can go make a difference

Do you want to know what frustrates me the most, as a therapist or coach? Most training courses only teach you the skills without anything about how to build your business. To make a real difference, you need both. You know you have the talent, the skills and the drive to make it happen. This is the exact reason why we want to work with you on understanding the natural fears you may experience when you step up to build a business and your reputation. When you put your business plan into action with us, after 8 months, you have everything you need to be a highly paid and sought-after transformational coach with the freedom to work when you want and with whoever you want.

Be part of a community – Lifelong Friendships

I’m not exaggerating when I say I believe the EAM community to be the most inspiring, incredible, supportive and loving community in the world of what we do (… seriously, it almost makes me cry when I think of the love and support shared between the mentors and members). There are so many “good”, “sensible” “logical” reasons to join the Energy Collaboration. We’ve talked about them already, but for me, it’s the life-long friendships and connections you’ve made that make the journey worth it.

Be one of the first to lead in this global movement

We need more mentors like you to step up and help us make this vision universal. We’re on a mission to share EAM with as many people as possible. Our plans are ambitious… that’s why I’m off to the US and Australia right now to spread the EAM word and build our community around the globe. And it’s why we need you. We can’t do this alone. We CAN do this together. We’re going on a journey to some exciting places, and I would love to have you along for the ride!

Create a steady flow of paying clients who align with your values

How would it feel to be able to work with only the clients you love and who you’re confident you can make a massive difference to their life WITHOUT worrying about the money? Well, with a steady stream of clients, comes freedom. And with freedom, comes flow. As you grow and flow more, the money and the clients will follow. As an EAM mentor, you can be part of this wave and tap into a movement on the rise.

It’s going to be one EPIC adventure for sure.

Here’s what our mentors say about the programme

Being a mentor is the final piece of the jigsaw

For me being a mentor is the final piece of the jigsaw; I know I want to help people, I know I want to make a difference in the lives of others AND I knew following my first experience of EAM that it holds the magic key! Putting all these together is what leads me to say YES. Being an EAM mentor is the next step on my “yellow brick road”. Oh, and I want to teach the world to smile. EAM will be my guiding light.


I want to inspire… and EAM will be part of my toolkit to do this

EAM is amazing… it’s already changed my life, my outlook, my everything and we are only two months into the Journey. I want to empower the masses to transform their lives too, I want to connect couples, I want to inspire everyone I meet and work with, and EAM will be part of my toolkit to do this. I can’t wait to keep learning and discovering more. I feel very blessed to have found you and my EAM family are amazing.


I had no doubt it was the right thing for me

I love seeing the way people who haven’t used any energy methods before are really blown away when they get the response. I love seeing the release and shifts people get and see the differences it then makes in their life. I love the company I’m in and the team I belong too and am honoured to be part of. I had no doubt it was the right thing for me. I knew how life changing EAM was, wanted to share it and the opportunity to work with and get support from a truly lovely, wonderful, loving, talented and inspirational group.


EAM was the missing piece of the jigsaw What I love about being a mentor is walking my talk and sharing my experience with others, supporting others to make huge shifts and the support, love and acceptance of the incredible EAM family. What made me say yes… I resonated with Yvette’s fabulous vision. The opportunity to be part of something exciting. The opportunity to work with a team of like-minded people. EAM was the missing piece of the jigsaw in my personal development journey.


Who the EAM Diploma is for

My absolute favourite thing about The EAM Diploma is being the lucky one who gets to witness people transform into who they really are. Having helped more than 100 people on this journey, I still get emotional every time I see someone exceed their limitations and embrace their true-self.

You’re going to be immersed with fellow EAMers who’ll share your journey and support you every step of the way. Like any good family, there will be days you laugh together, cry together, rub each other up the wrong way, celebrate together and love one another.

The success of the programme isn’t only about the awesome journey or transformational content you’ll gain. It’s about finding the right people to become future EAM mentors who are ready, open and giving… and I’m sure that’s YOU.

The EAM Diploma is PERFECT for you if…

  • You’re committed to CHANGE for yourself and others and enabling them to experience their own shifts and transformations

  • You’re GENEROUS with your love and support and are ready to be part of something bigger

  • You’re OPEN and WILLING to accept new ideas, beliefs and be pushed far beyond your comfort zone

  • You’re READY to receive an ABUNDANCE of positivity, money and incredible relationships

  • You have a MISSION and PURPOSE (even if it’s yet to become clear to you)

Why the EAM Diploma will give you EVERYTHING you need to be the best MENTOR you can be

Look, I know it probably feels like you’ve tried everything you can before to change your life and get your business where you want it to be, so you have the freedom to help yourself and others on their journey. The fact you’re still searching for the answer, means you haven’t found this answer yet.

Listen I hear you. I was the same when I was searching… hoping to find one answer to it all rather than having to jump from programme to programme and end up never getting anywhere.

But this is where it changes.

… Even if everything you’ve tried before hasn’t worked for you…

… Even if you tried programmes, methods and modalities before which left you disappointed…

… Even if you tried something and you couldn’t stay committed…

… know that with me, EAM and he EAM Mentors by your side, you’ll have everything you need to make this change. I’m sure of this because it’s everything I was looking for when I began my search. You’ve finally found the tools, the journey AND the community you’ve been looking for all this time. It really is THE COMPLETE package.

The Big Question

What value would YOU place on your happiness and living the life you truly deserve?

I know what you’re probably thinking, “what about the cost?” Yes, I’ll tell you the truth:

The EAM Mentor Diploma requires a reasonable level of investment, but I can assure you it’s money and time well spent. This is a journey that will change your life and transform your business.

Yes, I’m on a mission to change the world but I’m also a woman of my word and I had to make a decision. Do I run a program which is cheap to join but doesn’t deliver? Or create a journey I know will transform your life and deliver on the promise. Your transformation is far too important to me, which is why I chose to go with the latter.

The changes you experience on this journey will transform your life and set you in the direction of building a successful purpose-driven business … as long as you’re willing to do the work.

For some, money is an easy topic. For others, it’s one of those uncomfortable situations you avoid at all costs.

You’ll know by now you know I’m not going to shy away from difficult conversations. Because this may be the difference between YOU changing your life or missing this opportunity to make your impact in the world.

There are two ways to think about the price: there is cost and value.

Cost is the amount of money you pay; value is what YOU actually get from being part of the programme.

Cost is the amount of money you pay; value is what YOU actually get from being part of the programme.

I’ve helped enough people through this journey to know what needs to happen for it to be a life-changing experience. That’s why I’ve created transformational live workshops and step-by-step training along with support mentors and your own accountability groups.

It’s to make sure that you get THE most value from this journey.

What higher value is there than being able to change your life finally?

Listen, I take my mission in this world seriously and while I wish I could give it all away for free – free and cheap doesn’t always mean GOOD. Which is why we’ve invested our own time, passion and money to create this life-changing journey that we promise will enable you to live a purpose-driven life.

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Think about where you are right now and what it’s costing you by not living the life you want. Not just concerning money. But also, time, love, happiness and peace of mind. Money alone can’t buy you that inner sense of wellbeing you’re after. 

I get it. When you’re so close to doing something you’ve always wanted to but then you take one look at your bank account, and you’re not so sure if it’s the right choice anymore.  Let me tell you this: changing your life is NOT easy. You need to get used to not knowing what will happen next. Don’t be scared of this, embrace it. It’s what makes the journey fun.

Thank you for being so trusting

Trust and openness is the foundation on which EAM is built, so we’re off to a great start.

So many of our most successful EAM mentors felt exactly the way you do right now when they began. Taking a leap into the unknown is scary. If it makes you feel any better, I know each and every person who has taken this journey wouldn’t change it for the world.

It’s only natural to feel nervous. When we start to talk about resistance, we become aware of how these beliefs are very things that end up holding us back. By working together, we can leave behind what we don’t need and focus on what we do.

Right now the true cost is NOT the money

The true cost is the time we lose feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

It’ the emotional cost of living every day with those repetitive thoughts and feeling stressed. Or getting up every day repeating the same things and not moving your life forward. Bleugh!

Just put the money to one side, let’s look at the real hidden cost of not being the best version of you. It’s costing you emotionally, mentally and physically feeling stuck in groundhog day. You’re losing something more valuable than that. You are losing time.

The real price of the programme isn’t the money I am going to ask you to spend on YOU.

It’s the hard work of doing what we’ll ask you to do. So you want to know the real price of these 10 months? It’s not the money you’ll spend but the hard work you’ll have to commit to.

Commit to yourself, do things differently, make changes in all areas of your life. You WILL be pushed out of your comfort zone.

I’m going to be honest. You need to be able to 100% commit to make a REAL change. Yes, you’re about to be pushed but I promise, it’ll be SO worth it.

I’m going to be honest…You need to 100% commit to make a REAL change.

Yes, you’re about to be pushed but I promise, it’ll be SO worth it.

There will be times when you’ll love us and there will be times you want to scream or punch us on the nose. You know what I’m so excited by that because it means you’re ready to change. This will be one of the best love-love relationships of your life (no hate here). Yes, we’ll bicker, but it’s because I will be holding your vision or the life you want. Once you share this with me. We won’t accept anything less for you. Even on the days you want to give up on yourself. On those days you may hate me – then you’ll love me again when you pop out the other side and see me standing there with your vision in hand! It all comes out of a place of love and experience!

And if you really want to change your life then getting uncomfortable, allowing yourself just to be. Committing to doing the work on whatever comes up or gets in your way is the real price you’ll pay to get there.

So, if you trust me, trust the process and fully immerse yourself in the journey, I know you’ll leave a changed person.

Remember when we started this journey you were looking for a way to change your life. You wanted something more, something different. You wanted a new way of being. I’ll be here to remind you why you started this journey in the first place. It’s because YOU wanted something more and realised you were ready to make a change.

Even if you have responsibilities in your life right now, you can always find time for yourself. Time for you.

You deserve this more than you know. Everything you invest in yourself is worth it. Whether that is time, money or energy, it will only move you closer to your true vision.

No other programme works like EAM. Testimonial after testimonial from those who experience EAM and make it part of their lives shows the power of the programme. We’ve seen it. Time and time again.

My initial worries about money are out of the window… it’s worth every penny

At first I was taken aback by the cost. It felt like a lot of money to invest in me and it took me a while to decide. Two months in I have been amazed by the magic of EAM. My initial worries about money are well and truly out of the window… it is worth every penny. I’m already seeing huge changes and feel the luckiest person alive that I’ve found EAM.


The value of the programme is FAR more than the cost

Everything has changed for me. Lots of people have noticed that I seem happier, seem more relaxed, seem less stressed. So I think it’s really easy to think, oh, I’ll just do it on my own, but actually everything gets busy, time is short, and then you find you’re not doing it, so it’s been really good to have that accountability every month with the group and with my mentor. So I think the biggest transformation is around kind of where I see my life going. I hesitated. I think you kind of look at the money and think that it might be outside of your reach, but actually just do it because the value of the programme is far more than the cost.


What value would you place on living a life of happiness and freedom?

You have a choice to make

Imagine you’re back in front of the mirror and it’s 12 months from now. How would you have liked to spend that time? How will it feel inside you to know YOU made a decision today to change your life? Living every day feeling energetic and aligned with your own self-belief? With a profound sense of calm and freedom inside. What would life feel like if you could smile at yourself every day whatever the world threw at you?

What if you were able to get in flow whenever you wanted? Knowing everything is right, and you have the confidence to do anything? I hope you make the choice to use those 8 months to start your transformation. Here’s the thing: 8 months may seem ages… I can tell you from experience, it goes like a flash. And with it, you can change your life. You just need to get started.


It’s time to step up and find your purpose

If you’re still here, you were meant to be here. You found this for a reason.

If you’re still here, you were meant to be here. You found this for a reason. The fact you’re still reading means this resonates with you on some level. Listen this is NOT a head decision. This is a HEART decision. If you’ve got those tingles inside, goosebumps, an urge, a pull or something saying that you need to do this, please listen to your intuition. Even if you’ve got those gremlins popping up and giving you 101 reasons not to do this or be happy, don’t listen. EAM will allow you to let go all those beliefs. Then you’re clear to make the RIGHT decision for yourself from there.

If you’re feeling those butterflies inside and your gut feeling is telling you this is something you should do right now, then let’s talk. It’s time to stamp all over those little gremlins, lovingly. You don’t need them anymore. This is about you, and you deserve to live your life full of passion, on purpose in a flow of abundance. If you’re ready to let go of feeling stuck and holding back, when you’re ready to change your life and live every day feeling free and happy, then let’s talk.

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It’s time to step up and create the change you want in your life. I’ve got your back. My amazing team of mentors are right behind you. All of them have been on this journey, and they will tell you for yourself exactly how they felt when this journey began for them. Remember the world needs you to do this. The vision for EAM is too big, and we need so many more people on our team to take this into the world. And our whole EAM community is right behind you and ready to welcome you with open arms. I’m ready if you are. Let’s do this together! It’ll be the best thing you ever did… pinky promise!

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